A Practical Guide to Business Continuity

As lockdown begins to ease, most businesses are working hard to recover.

Even with the help of various Government support schemes, cash grants and business rates holidays, many businesses are still struggling to survive.

Accurate business planning and financial forecasting is now even more crucial as the time to look ahead and make accurate decisions for the future will be essential for business survival.

Business continuity will be under a strain, and like most businesses throughout the world, you are being challenged to adapt and pivot plans in response to unprecedented circumstances.

The effects of coronavirus are seismic and unique, and industries across the board are under pressure to convert traditional business models to digital-friendly ones and to drive performance regardless.

The somewhat frustrating benefit of hindsight tells us that incident planning for such ‘black swan’ scenarios are a stark lesson for businesses– but how is this kind of future-proof plan achieved?

We have developed a guide with Sage to offer advice that will help you to solidify a business continuity plan. One which will assist in predicting the unpredictable and help you respond quickly and effectively to disruption in the future.

To help you understand how your business can harness technology to reach your potential, complete our free self-assessment today and you will receive a personalised report about your business resilience.


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