Brocks Wheel & Tyre (BWT)

BWT is situated on a working farm in Essex that has been in the family for over 100 years. They are a wholesale retailer of agricultural wheels and tyres, primarily supplying to farmers when seasonal tyre changes are required and dealers who are adding specific wheels to a piece of machinery requested by the buyer.

Originally the business was small and much of the knowledge of customer accounts and how system worked were isolated to specific team members; meaning if someone was off ill or on holiday, projects could potentially be held up until they returned.

Key highlights and challenges

  • Improving collaboration – With one integrated platform departments across the business are able to share data and work together to drive the business forwards
  • Enhancing visibility – Senior managers can analyse business performance at a glance, helping them to make more informed decisions about their future direction.
  • Continued support – BWT wanted a partner that would continue to support their business growth ambitions.

A challenge faced by BWT was having disparate systems that didn’t talk to each other. For instance, they had a separate system for their accounts and finance processing. This, combined with recording data on multiple spreadsheets, meant that management at BWT wasn’t getting the real-time insight into their business performance that they needed.

They found that they were not making the most of their people. For example, they based investment decisions for new equipment on people’s opinions rather than on real business benefits such as cost benefits based on output levels etc.

BWT chose to work with Thinc because it was crucial to their business to have a partner that would fully support the implementation and training process. They understood that the new system would have a few teething issues during the initial stages and wanted a partner that would support and advise during this process. It was also essential for them to work with a partner that would continue to support their business as it grows and develops helping them to unlock more of the SAP Business One solution as they need it.


  • Platform that can grow with business – features as standard within SAP B1 such as HR that can be enabled when they need it
  • Solution tailored to specific business requirements with bespoke functionality
  • Greater stock visibility and control

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In Brief

Brocks Wheel & Tyre (BWT) experienced significant growth over a short period of time. Their existing systems couldn't keep up with their new demands so they begin to look for a solution that would bring their disparate systems together.

The team at Thinc assessed their current challenges and their future growth ambitions, to present them with a solution that could continue to deliver for years to come.


Small companies always appreciate growth, but when its systems can’t keep up with the new demands, that’s when you run into problems. Brocks Wheel & Tyre (BWT) experienced this when their business grew from a small part of J Brocks and Sons, to an independent £5m turnover business with 20 employees.

James Peel, SAP Services Manager

“It’s great to work with such an upcoming family run business like BWT. We could tell from the onset that this business had potential to grow but management were not able to analyse and evaluate business opportunities because they were running so many different systems.

SAP Business One has helped bring all the vital elements of the business together; improving visibility for management and helping teams work closer together to grow the business. We look forward to continuing to work with BWT and supporting them with their business ambitions.”

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"We’re very glad that we’ve had the team at Thinc to help us with the bedding in of SAP Business One across our organisation. Their consultants have made the implementation process as pain free as possible and their knowledge of the system has meant that we have a solution that is specifically tailored to us. We’ve now got a platform that can grow with our business over the coming years. Being able to get the insights that we can now get has really highlighted where we need to make improvements. SAP Business One has driven us to smarten up our own processes to make sure we’re maximising efficiency."

Duncan Pryke - General Manager, BWT
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