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'It was important for me to have clear visibility of sales orders, departmental costs, profits etc. so I could make crucial decisions in order to achieve our growth targets. We now have a system which allows me to have a more proactive approach towards new business opportunities.' Ean - Director - D.Tec International

Key challenges

  • D.Tec’s legacy system used multiple spreadsheets to record sales and financial activity, raise invoices, manage cash flow and stock. This process was time consuming as staff had to enter the same data many times in different files. This caused inaccuracies and added delays in reporting on key trends.
  • As a market leader, D.Tec were winning larger contracts and to make the most of this growth potential they needed to quickly evaluate new business opportunities and make staff available to focus on supplying them.
  • D.Tec wanted to expand the team but found it difficult without a transparent system which new colleagues could easily pick up and work with.
  • D.Tec have a sales manager who needs to be mobile. He had no real way to accurately report on sales meetings with potential customers and new opportunities, other than calling back to the office.
  • The security of data on their blue chip customers activities is paramount, consequently D.Tec also required secure off site data and reliable back up arrangements.

D.Tec International Limited are the sole UK distributor of the instant readout disposable drug detection products; DrugWipe and DrugID – These tests are used extensively across every police force in England and Wales, Europe and around the world to detect smugglers and drug dealers for countries police, customs and border patrols.

D.Tec International specialise in providing advice on corporate drug and alcohol testing polices and the implementation of both drug testing and alcohol screening systems into multiple market places. These include corporate drug screening and safety critical employee drug testing in some of the UKs largest bus, transportation and construction companies and more.

Being a micro-enterprise with so many new business opportunities arising, senior leaders at D.Tec International were confident they wanted to grow the business in a professional manor

The Solution

  • Sage 200cloud
  • Spindle Document management
  • Sage CRM
  • Azure Platform Cloud


  • Business growth – more capacity to capitalise on multiple large national and international accounts.
  • Improved communication – In-house staff and external company accountant have a better understanding of the company’s financial position.
  • Increased efficiency – creation of one central system for all financial and sales data for reporting and forecasts.
  • Improved visibility – clear management of cashflow, sales orders, stock requirements.
  • Remote working – easy and secure access to systems.
  • Paperless office – Significantly reduced the amount of paper to file and store.

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In Brief

D.Tec are a micro-enterprise with new business opportunities constantly arising. In order to allow their business to continue growing it was important for them to update their legacy systems with a more connected and collaborative solution.

From managing their finances on spreadsheets and having to call the office to get key information for customers, to utilising a fully integrated system. D.Tec explains how Sage 200cloud helped them to improve communication and increase efficiency.

Brendan Hourihan, Thinc Sage Consultant

“It was clear from the start that D.Tec International had some serious ambitions and potential to grow their business. They were
held back with their legacy processes being difficult to keep up to date and maintain.

 Sage 200 has helped D.Tec team organise their financial data to realise their financial capacity and make more accurate decisions about their future business investments to successfully grow the company. Gradually they have migrated all the legacy spreadsheets into Sage 200 making it easier to share and analyse sales and financial data. The Microsoft Azure Cloud solution has given the team the flexibility they need to work off site and removed the need for a physical server.”

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"It was important for me to have clear visibility of sales orders, departmental costs, profits etc. so I could make crucial decisions in order to achieve our growth targets. We now have a system which allows me to have a more proactive approach towards new business opportunities. With us being such a small team and with limited office space, the implementation of the cloud solution has been essential. We can now access the application remotely. My sales manager, who needs to be mobile, can do more customer visits, work off site and we have potential to bring in new staff easily when we’re ready."

Ean Lewin, D.Tec Managing Director
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