Nene Storage

A key requirement for Nene Storage Equipment was to ensure that they partnered with a knowledgeable supplier, that could not only assess their current situation and recommend what solution would work best for them.

It was essential that they had a partner who could guide and support them throughout the implementation and embedding process.


  • Stock Visibility
  • Increased efficiencies in operations
  • Less stock holding/increased cash flow etc
  • Keen to not have a lengthy, disruptive implementation process

Gary Coleman, Operations Director at Nene said

“We approached this review of systems with a cautious, possibly even pessimistic, idea of the length of time and the amount of effort that would be required – this was only magnified by some of the often recited horror stories people like to bring up when it comes to SAP implementations.
That being said, we trusted our assessment of the SAP Business One solution as the best overall package we reviewed and the consultative approach that Thinc had taken during this process.
We therefore committed to it while always anticipating internally that the project would run over a 12-month period”

The results 

  • 10% increase in turnover
  • Warehouse backlogs eliminated and now operating 2 weeks ahead of order schedule
  • Reduction in staff headcount and overtime pay
  • Significant reduction in manual/human errors in the system

Nene Storage Equipment is a family owned business that has been trading since the 1960's and now occupies an enviable position as an industry-leader in the warehouse storage solution space.

With annual revenues in the region of £15 million and a staff headcount of 75, Nene's management team recognised that a review of their technology systems was an essential exercise, particularly if they wanted their success to continue in the future.

Jame Peel, SAP Services Manager

"The implementation at Nene was built on a clear understanding of system requirements, thorough planning and a good working relationship between client and supplier.

This is what allowed us to meet Nene’s expectations at the various
stages of the process – proper communication and cooperation
meant we were all able to work towards the same clearly defined goals.

t’s always a pleasure to work with a business that takes the implementation of their critical business systems as seriously
as a project such as this merits.

It’s just one reason why we look
forward to working with Nene into the future and assisting them to get even more from the SAP Business One solution”

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