Creating intelligent companies


Throughout our 30 years in business, two words have been at the foundation of everything we’ve done:

Evolution and technology.

Today, those foundations are more crucial than ever before. The rise of digital may have changed the building blocks of business, but the concepts of evolution and technology remain vital.

It’s making for a truly exciting time — a time where a new kind of business is stepping into the limelight: Intelligent Companies.

Some people envisage Intelligent Companies being cold, sterile environments where humans are designed out of the workplace. In our experience, the opposite is true. The companies we see, those that truly embrace this approach, put people at the very centre of their businesses.

Systems and technology are designed around people. It might change the way they work, but rather than being designed out, these systems are helping to elevate people.

By amplifying the potential of their people, business leaders of Intelligent Companies are unlocking huge amounts of previously untapped value.

At Thinc, we’re helping to create Intelligent Companies. We’re proud to be driving this revolution and we’re excited to see just how far it goes. It’s the culmination of decades of work, it’s helping businesses to thrive on the cutting edge and it builds on the strong foundations of evolution and technology.

And the most exciting thing? We’re just getting started.

What we do

From managed services to enterprise applications, consultancy to ongoing support and training, we expertly blend our products and services to offer the right level of support for your business.

Independent and impartial

We recommend what solution is best for you based on your individual requirements. That's why so many businesses choose us to be their trusted IT solutions partner.

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"I can’t speak highly enough of the team at Thinc. Their consultants really took the time to get to know our unique business challenges and then explained what options were available to us without the jargon."

John Fitzpatrick, Director at Synergy Hire
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