Creativity and Community at Work

The creativity of teams and individuals has been one of the unexpected benefits of the 2020 crisis.

Even the smallest of gestures have helped inspire a new connection and sense of community amongst people who work together, even when they’re geographically distanced. 

At Thinc we’re incredibly proud to have seen many initiatives arise, almost all completely organic, that have helped create happiness and harmony across the business. Thinc Sage Consultant, Sandra Wallace is one such example. Sandra took what started as a fun activity with her kids, and turned it into an opportunity to bring that same joy to her colleagues.

We asked Sandra to explain a little more about how her idea came about and how this helped create a greater sense of camaraderie amongst the team. 

Can you tell us a little more about how the idea came about?

“Through home working, and having two young children at home it’s important to get the right balance, so early one Friday morning before work I suggested that I painted their faces and they painted mine, the kids found it hilarious!”

“Time passed pretty quickly and before I knew it, I had an upcoming team call that morning. I decided for a bit of light hearted fun during what was a difficult time for most people, that I’d leave my face paint on for the call.”

“I then managed to convince a few others to get involved and join in. Before we knew it, ‘Face Paint Friday’s’ became a weekly occurrence.”

How do you feel this helped the team?

“I’ve always been a firm believer that you should be able to have a good time, as well as get the job done.”

“This is true now more than ever as we become more isolated. Through something so simple like this, I was able to bring a smile to the workplace (albeit remotely). It gave everyone in the team a real lift for the session and set everyone off in a positive mood for the day.”

I believe you used this to make a charitable donation too, can you tell us more about that?

“I’ve always liked to help out wherever I can.”

“I saw the positive effect that this was having on the team, and saw an opportunity to expand upon this by encouraging the team and people in my network to contribute through charitable donations.”

“I made a small donation to Macmillan and posted images of Facepaint Friday’s on Linkedin with a call to arms – if this made you smile, please make a donation too.” 

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