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An IT-first approach may begin with a risk analysis of your databases, applications and systems – but this is a flawed approach!

Starting a cyber resilience plan with risk analysis runs a risk of prioritising purely by vulnerability, rather than highlighting critical business operations.

It also makes the subject matter technical from day one, which could act as a barrier for company-wide involvement.

Instead, we begin with a thorough analysis of the business’ value chain.

Mapping and gaining a common view of the highest value operations and functions will immediately help with prioritisation efforts, and will also drive interest across all stakeholder groups.

The same level of analysis is not needed to quantify all risks. Be prepared to deep dive into priority and complex functions, but taking a pragmatic approach to less critical functions is also key.

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Amplify 01, 2022

Amplify 01, 2022

In this issue we look at the ways companies can grow despite the uncertain economy, explore how SMEs form a solid and flexible technological core and offer advice on how to create a strategy to address current cyber security risks.

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