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Cybercriminals will target the weakest part of your organisation, and worryingly, they already know what it is.

For almost all organisations, the weakest link is employees.

When we relay this message at talks and keynotes, the room typically looks indignant. “Not in our business,” we hear, and “our team would never be so malicious”.

But malicious behaviour counts for only a tiny fraction of all employee-related breaches. The vast majority come down to a lack of awareness and poor communication from the top.

According to the 2020 State of Privacy and Security Awareness Report, only 27% of employees could identify at least two warning signs that malware has infected their computing platform. A general lack of awareness surrounding data security and privacy is an ongoing issue.

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Amplify 01, 2022

Amplify 01, 2022

In this issue we look at the ways companies can grow despite the uncertain economy, explore how SMEs form a solid and flexible technological core and offer advice on how to create a strategy to address current cyber security risks.

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