ERP – Choosing the right solution

Selecting the most suitable ERP system for your business needs to a careful and well-thought out executive decision, based upon a range of factors. At Thinc we are ERP experts, and to help you with your decision, we have outlined the aspects of ERP software implementation which should be considered when choosing the right ERP solution for your business.


It is hugely important to research the capabilities of the software packages you are interested in, prior to taking that next step along the implementation path. Having a good idea of your business requirements, as well as the day-to-day processes, will go a long way in being prepared in your fact-finding mission to find the most appropriate package for your needs.

Request information from software partners including product demonstrations, fact sheets, customer success stories etc to help you be prepared for the next steps.


A software system that is central to a business will undoubtedly impact personnel, as staff will be using the software constantly and it will underpin their working lives. Therefore, it is imperative to involve key personnel within the business as part of the decision-making process. This will ensure what you are buying is the right-fit for the specific departments within the business.

Also key is to possibly consider the potential that your new ERP solution would compliment the other business software you currently operate – will the ERP system link up with your existing CRM or HR package for example?

The future

You want to ensure the software package you purchase is future-proof to support the growth of your business and it will be with you for the long-haul. The ease of upgrades and product revisions must be scrutinised, to ensure the software moves along with your business.

Before selecting an ERP system, it is importation that your business has an idea of the scale of development required for the future, and how much budget and time should be allocated to keep the software modern and in line with the ever-changing technological landscape.


Quite possibly the foundation for each of the above points made, is the importance of selecting the most suitable software partner to assist with your implementation and be the helping-hand along your ERP journey. Varying characteristics must be analysed here, including credibility, longevity within the industry which highlights stability, and investment in product development which would provide benefits long-term for your business.



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