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The Thinc graduate programme is a great opportunity to launch your career in the technology industry. Technology skills, more specifically software skills, are in high demand given the shift from office to home working, with many businesses wanting to implement solutions to help support their businesses remotely. If you're looking to get into tech, then the Thinc graduate programme may be the option for you. E-mail us at: to apply.

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Jacob Jackson

The graduate scheme was great, it was intense learning new systems, studying for Sage and taking tickets with Sandra but it prepared me for when I went onto the Support Desk. I think it was nice as well to be part of a group of Graduates as I could chat to Omi and Zarrie about tickets or how they were finding it before going to speak to a member of Support which helped us all, we still do this even today.

Sandra was good for explaining how to deal with a Sage query but then also explaining why we were doing certain fixes and what it meant for the customer and their data which helped me a lot with understanding the Sage and the Accounting side of what we do. But everyone on Support and the Projects team was great at supporting me and asking questions. It was also nice to not feel rushed into learning stuff, if I was stuck on anything Sandra went well out of her way to help even staying behind after work hours to help me before my Commercials exam with guides and 1 to 1 help which definitely meant I passed it, I don’t think any other place I’ve been has had a manager or trainer put that amount of effort into ensuring good results.

Highlights are anytime Sandra tries to rap or tell a joke because she can never get to the punchline haha.

Elliot Douglas

I was impressed by the perceived work culture from my first look at the website as it looked modern and forward thinking. This was then backed up from talking to Rich and Dom when I found the company had exciting growth plans which was very encouraging as a graduate looking to grow with an ambitious company.

When I first joined Thinc the first thing I noticed was the very friendly and inclusive work culture, the support I have received since my first day has been paramount to my development with everyone being willing to assist if they can and there are lots of people willing to share knowledge with you to help you grow as an individual as well as a professional

As much as there is a lot to learn the graduate program has also been lots of fun and I have found the company to be very flexible as I have had the opportunity to work from both the Newcastle office and the Manchester office.

Omi Rahman & Zarrie Foster

Omi – I liked the look of Thinc at it was a new business that was growing, seemed interesting and it felt like a good time to join. Thinc are great as they’re always looking at future career opportunities for me. They offer a great level of support and it’s good to be part of a team where you feel comfortable, but at the same time being pushed to take on new skills.

Zarrie – What drew me to Thinc was that it was an opportunity to work for a growing company where the Ethos was people helping people. Everything with us is very personal and clients feel like they matter rather than just being another statistic to fill a quota.

My experience of the grad scheme was good. I had worked in first line support roles prior to joining so I wasn’t completely out of my depth, but if I needed assistance then there was always someone I could speak to. Even though people are busy, there’s always someone happy to help which is nice – you get a sense of importance to the company which you wouldn’t get at a larger corporation. Everyone wants to see you succeed.

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