Improving cash flow with Credit Hound

Efficient credit control is a vital function for every business. Late payments, mounting customer debt and poor cash flow directly affect your bottom line. Improving and maintaining strong and consistent credit control processes will minimise late payments, giving you consistent cash flow and making your profit a priority; this is where Credit Hound is a major help.

Designed to pick up where your existing accounting system stops, Credit Hound saves you time re-keying data and instantly shows how much you’re owed and who you need to chase.

System automation removes the need for time consuming manual admin, freeing up your teams to get on with what it is they do best. Having a system that delivers pro-active credit control lets you remind your customers when they are due to pay, without the need for manual intervention. The system will automatically assess how far a customer is through the credit cycle and send letters/emails reminding them about outstanding debt. What’s more, these letters can be tailored to be different at each step of the credit cycle; therefore, a person 1 day late can receive a different message to those 120 days over.

Credit hound has been specifically designed to make credit chasing more streamlined and less time consuming.

The system integrates with your accounting system

• Ensuring real-time access to account data, including account balances, contact details and more.

Automated rules and actions

• The system can automate many of your daily, repetitive tasks to greatly reduce your workload.

• Rules can be customised to set up actions such as sending reminder letters, placing accounts on stop and adding ‘To-Do’ items for follow up telephone calls and letters.

Payment reminders

• It is better to be pro-active than re-active. Sending automated reminders to customers, before the actual payment is due, increases the likelihood that they will pay on time.

A dedicated and intuitive home screen

• Real-time data pulled from your accounting system is displayed in one screen. Easily see contact details, outstanding transaction, previous actions/notes and details on queries/disputes.

Interactive Accounts and Aged Debtors List

• Rather than manually checking spreadsheets for your debtors age and trying to work out what you have sent them in the past, interactive lists within credit hound allow you to sort and filter data against various field types. This means you can easily see what stage of the credit cycle they are in and what actions have been completed with them. This is one of the biggest time savers.


• Credit hound offers a wide range of customisable reports to suit your needs.

• These reports can all be filtered so you can easily see the information you need. Reports such as

– Accounts summary

– Aged Debt

– Dispute analysis

– Promised cash

– User Activity

– Who has paid me?

Credit hound pays for itself in workforce hours saved and debts recovered. Essentially Credit Hound is there to help you work smarter not harder. Using the automation within the program can save you hours of time. Freeing your team up for other more important tasks!

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