Maintain and sustain rapid growth

As the UK’s leading IT partner for SMEs we’re well aware of the challenges posed by rapid growth.

Ambitious companies often report being ‘held back’ by software that can’t keep pace with growing needs. Paradoxically there’s a fear of ‘putting the brakes on’, which many leaders feel believe they’ll need to do in order to assess and implement new systems.

This dangerous misconception often prevents ambitious companies making the right decisions at critical times. In extreme cases it can prevent a business from ever reaching the scale it was capable of; opportunities for rapid growth are fleeting, grab them or they’re gone.

When and how to change

Asking a series of practical questions about your day-to-day needs and future ambitions will help you determine whether you’re running on the right platforms.

Our self-assessment tool has been created to help you make this assessment yourself. Click here to book a free consultation.

Equally, if you want to check the validity of your self-diagnosis, our experienced team can help you assess your current systems to ensure they’re right for your growth plans.

If you determine that change is needed, getting the timing right is relatively straightforward. By selecting an experienced ERP partner you’ll be able to maintain your current growth whilst simultaneously selecting, installing and training your teams on a new system – ensuring a smooth transition with absolutely minimum impact on your day to day operations.

The single most important factor is ensuring the system you choose has the capability to scale with you. It’s likely its very installation could kick-start a second-wave of growth, so you need to know that the software you select has the power and scalability to advance as you do.

Choosing the right business-management-solution

Another system-related misconception often holds SMEs back. There’s often a belief that powerful enterprise applications are the preserve of large enterprises.

Incredibly powerful, scalable platforms such as Sage_200 and SAP Business One have transformed opportunities available to SMEs. These platforms streamline all of your core processes, creating significant operational efficiencies and improving customer satisfaction without the need to increase staff numbers. In fact, thorough implementation should include detailed training for your people, which allows them to refocus their role and time onto higher value activities that drive your business forward.

Gary McKnight, Sage expert

Gary McKnight, Sage expert

Gary works with ambitious SME leaders to help realise their business goals. His experience and knowledge of Sage products is unrivalled and he spearheads our drive for customer service excellence.

Switch IT Partner

Switch IT Partner

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Why Thinc?

At Thinc we appreciate that any investment for an SME must be a calculated business decision with a return on investment clearly in sight. Through our consultative approach to product selection and implementation, we will always make sure that the systems you select are absolutely right for your business and people’s needs.

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