Making the move to cross departmental collaboration

Growing your business often means making small changes to your processes

In many cases when SMEs see sudden growth, the systems they are using are usually the first thing that needs assessing. What may have worked for them previously when they were managing their business using only small amounts of transactional data, and minimal customer information, is actually the thing that they are now finding is holding them back from reaching their growth potential.

Making the move from working in silos to becoming a fully collaborative business needn’t be a daunting task. The different functions in your business already work with each other, but they could be doing this in a manual, time-consuming way at the minute.

Maybe your sales team are having to call into the office to get the information they need whilst they’re on the road. They’re having to exchange customer payment terms over the phone or via email, which by the time your admin/finance team has found this information, your sales team has lost valuable time in closing their deal and placing the customer’s order.

Technology is there to help with this and does so in a way that causes minimal disruption to your day-to-day work if supported by a knowledgeable partner.

Sage 200cloud has been designed with the needs of a growing SME in mind. It is an integrated, modular platform that connects all areas of a business together via a centralised solution, allowing information to be shared and accessed seamlessly.

Changing the way your people work together is something that should be done from the start of your implementation project. Taking into consideration how people currently use the systems in place, how people communicate with each other to get the information they need, and how a new system will affect their daily roles is the basis for what training needs to happen.

Our experience shows that when a collaborative platform is in place that businesses see a wealth of benefits. These benefits include ease of access to real-time data, accessibility improvements in terms of being able to connect to internal systems on the go, as well as an improvement in accuracy and efficiency.

There is no longer time for businesses to be hesitant about changing/updating their technology. Digital disruption is in full swing and has no signs of slowing down. To ignore the failings of legacy technology and outdated processes is a sure way to fall behind your competition.

At Thinc our team of consultants have the knowledge and experience to help your become more. More connected, more engaged, more creative and more collaborative. We know how important it is for you to improve on areas such as mobility and accessibility if you are to keep your competitive edge, that’s why we work closely with you to align your technology to your business goals and growth plans.

Find out more about how the team at Thinc can help you to become an intelligent company. Book your free consultation today.

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