Amplify™ ERP Assessment Toolkit

Three frameworks to support your internal assessment and ERP selection process

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Amplify™ ERP Assessment Toolkit

Why do I need a toolkit?

With so many solutions to choose from, it’s often difficult to know what questions to ask and how to make the right moves, and with so much crammed into our busy schedules, decision fatigue is also a big risk.

Life is easier if you can work to a framework, especially if it’s based on years of experience in the software and ERP implementation space.

The ‘Amplify ERP Selection Toolkit’ is an easy to use set of frameworks, split into three. One – The ‘ABC-Discovery – Framework’. Two – The ‘Systems Shortlisting – Framework’. Three – The ‘Steps to Selection Success – Framework’.

Click the link below to download the toolkit for free.

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What's in the Toolkit?

1. Amplify - ABC-Discovery Framework

This framework will help you lead an internal review of your systems and processes. Starting with your ambitions as a business, you'll then identify blockers that are stopping you reaching your goals, before then listing the requirements of the ideal solution to support you moving forwards.

2. Amplify - Systems Shortlisting Framework

This Framework will help you compare solutions side by side enabling you to effectively take a long list of suppliers and condense it into a shortlist of suppliers. You'll start with a set of useful questions that'll help you get a lay of the land across different solutions, followed by an assessment of how each solution matches your requirements and supports your ambitions.

3. Amplify - Steps to Selection Success - Framework

This framework helps you map the milestones as you go through your selection journey. Starting with your internal business case, the framework will then help you date each milestone as you go through your assessment, making it easy to plot a course from where you are now, to where your ideal future could be.

Amplify - ABC-Discovery

  • Ambitions

    A stands for Ambition - It's important to always start here, and continuously ensure your assessment moves towards supporting your ambitions

  • Blockers

    B stands for Blockers - It's only when we know what challenges we face that we can remove them. What's blocking your ambitions?

  • Capability

    C stands for Capability - Once you've determined what your Ambitions and Blockers are, then you can start thinking about what capability might remove your blockers and move you closer to your ambitions.

  • Discovery

    D stands for Discovery - It forms the entire ABC process that you can run either internally or in partnership with your suppliers.

Reduce Decision Fatigue

Using proven frameworks, you can reduce your decision fatigue, making it easier to manage what can be a complex process.

Make The Right Decision

Using proven frameworks, you can ask the right questions at the right times to stack the odds in your favour when undergoing a systems assessment.

Reduce Risk

Using proven frameworks, you can ensure your entire process is documented correctly, reducing the risk of a wrong decision or failed implementation.

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