With the growth in popularity of the cloud, cyber attacks are becoming increasingly focused on email as an attack vector. This means that cyber crime is focused on social engineering of employees or human error to infiltrate computer systems, extort, or destroy data.

We work with Barracuda technology to complement Microsoft Office 365, in order to provide greater protection for your users and your business.

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Key features

  • Independent research group Forrester considers Barracuda a leader in business email security

  • Real-time phishing and cyber fraud defence

  • Use of artificial intelligence to identify high-risk targets within your organisation

  • Virus and anti-spam protection as well as continuous blocking of the latest online threats

  • Backup and archive for email

  • Reporting and auditing capabilities

Why Thinc?

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As a business systems provider we understand the true value of your business data. As you move to the cloud, it’s increasingly important that you are in control of your data.


At Thinc, we regularly scan the market for leading products to include as part of our managed service portfolio. We chose Barracuda due to its continuing strong performance and recognition by leading technology analysts.


Most data loss is caused by human error or malicious attack. Barracuda offers backups for your O365 data, auditing, and archiving.  Its offers anti-spam, malware, and phishing protection. As a market leader, Barracuda’s Sential artificial intelligence provides advanced protection by learning the communication patterns of users and identifying anomalies which could signal a cyber attack.


We configure this Barracuda protection as a managed service—we’ll deploy and provide ongoing support for the product

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