Two-Factor Authentication (or Multi-Factor-Authentication) is a way for a business to introduce another layer of security to their login procedures, beyond the simple username and password.

As more systems move to the cloud and cyber attacks become more sophisticated, it’s important to implement strong access controls. These controls can make password theft a lower business risk, disrupt phishing attempts and prevent out of date devices accessing your network.

Thinc works in partnership with Cisco Duo, an industry leading two-factor authentication provider that integrates with many industry standard applications.

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Key Features

  • Assess device security

  • Secure access to O365

  • Protect against credential theft

  • Secure RDP connections

  • Consistent access control for on-premise, remote access and cloud applications

Why Thinc?

As more applications are accessible via the internet, the number of holes in your business's perimeter security increases. Thinc carefully select technology partners to provide integrated and robust security solutions.

Duo, a Cisco company, provide industry leading multi-factor authentication solutions that allow businesses to consolidate security measures as the number of Software as a Service applications increase. Embrace SaaS and cloud technologies knowing that your security model allows your team to do more.

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