The encryption of devices and data is one of the most effective security measures available to those looking to protect information assets of any kind, be it for business or personal purposes.

However, the implementation and management of encryption across an entire organisation and its devices can be a hugely challenging process, and an ongoing IT burden that a busy SME can find difficult to maintain. That’s where managed encryption services come into play.

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Managed encryption services

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Despite the peace of mind encryption can deliver, most smaller businesses will simply find its proper implementation just too daunting a task.

At Thinc we passionately believe this should not be the case and that SMEs should have access to, and the ability to roll out, the same encryption technology as larger businesses.

This is where our managed encryption services, delivered in partnership with industry-leading encryption technology providers MFG, come in to play.

Together we bring our customers a fully-managed solution that takes the burden off their hands, leaving them to get on with running their business, safe in the knowledge that their data remains an asset, as opposed to a ticking time bomb.

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