Sage 200 for Manufacturing

Sicon Manufacturing is a set of additional modules for Sage 200. It’s integrated with stock, BOM, sales, and purchase order processing, and includes modules for job costing, works order processing, and estimating.

The package can be configured for one-off job-costed manufacture, or high volume repeat production manufacturing. Material and resource planning provides suggested works orders and purchase orders, with the addition of a rough-cut capacity plan at labour and machine levels.

This module provides MRP, Material and Resource Planning. A major feature that effectively calculates resource needs from a demand date to give you the latest production/purchase dates to meet demand on time.

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Key Features

  • Fully integrated with Sage 200 modules

    Use the standard Sage 200 BOM to create work orders and then link various elements of your project to each individual jobs and/or works orders, such as purchase ledger invoices, stock and sales and purchase orders. Stock costing methods and traceability are included in all modules.

  • Shop floor data capture with the timesheet/T&A module

    Time can be booked directly to works orders or jobs via the Sicon WAP Timesheets module, providing additional workflow and authorisation. The WAP touchscreen terminals include robust 15-inch iiyama touchscreens and HP Windows Embedded Thin Client terminals to provide a standard user interface

  • Flexible permission based system

    Assign different permissions to individual users based on their roles and system requirements. Accurately map system roles to job roles and enable a multi tiered workforce to collaborate safely, reducing the risk of errors and mistakes in areas that people aren't trained on.

  • Multiple features to manage all your essential daily tasks

    A wide range of features are including in Sicon Manufacturing for Sage 200. Effortlessly manage a range of key tasks such as job costing, works order processing, estimating and capacity planning, MRP and labour recording, all in one place.

  • Single platform for everyone to work from

    Enable cross departmental collaboration and improve efficiency by allowing your team to work from a single, unified platform.

  • Fully Integrated with Sage 200 for no additional cost

    Eliminate disjointed systems. Sicon Manufacturing runs within all Sage 200 companies at no extra cost.

Product Functions

  • Multi-level job costing

    Drill down into the different areas of your job costing for an accurate view of your operational and production costs

  • Material planning (MRP I)

    Includes suggested works orders, purchase orders and more, allowing you to reduce the likeliness of stock shortages

  • Capacity planning (MRP II)

    Gain better visibility into your available labour and machine resource, allowing you to plan your projects accordingly

  • Works orders

    Simplify your process of stock allocation and issuing, with the ability to amend works orders during production/assembly

  • Shop floor data capture

    The optional Shop Floor Data Capture App links to both the Sicon Works Order Processing and Job Costing modules

  • Cost estimating

    Integrated with purchase ledger, SOP, POP, stock, time recording and works order processing giving you a full view of job costs and revenue

  • Stock management

    Get a clear picture of when stock needs ordering and how long it will take to arrive based on average supplier lead time

  • Optional barcode integration

    Quickly and accurately pick stock with fewer returns. Get real-time stock updates from Sage 200 to assist with stock taking and ordering

Why Thinc for Sage 200 for Manufacturing?

When we connect with your business, we’ll first discuss how you want to improve your production and manufacturing processes, and what efficiencies and system integrations can be achieved. This initial consultation helps us explore your requirements, meaning we can advise on the best possible solutions for your needs.

Through our extensive experience of working with the Sage Manufacturing solution and real-life manufacturing in business, we’ve developed an unrivalled understanding of the product capabilities, and how to apply it in practice. Our consultants and developers can help you implement the right solution, first time.

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