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Sage 200cloud

Sage 200cloud

Sage 200cloud is an on-premise based ERP solution that integrates with Office 365, giving you the power of desktop with the agility of the cloud.

By seamlessly coordinating your business processes—including accounting, finance, customer services, stock management, performance management, and project management—Sage 200cloud provides a robust, collaborative platform for you to manage your organisation.

Sage 200cloud

Sage 200cloud Key Features
  • A business-wide software solution

    Sage 200cloud allows you to manage your finances, customers, end-to-end supply chain, and business insight—all in a single desktop solution. It provides a business-wide software solution that enables cross-departmental collaboration and a more efficient way of working.

  • Analyse key business insights

    With quick and easy reporting, you can analyse key business performance data in detail, with Sage 200 Business Intelligence. The real-time and historic data can be presented in a range of outputs, tailored to the audience that is viewing it and their preferred format.

  • Improve decision making and forecasts

    With business intelligence and analytics, you can set up reports to give you live information about financial performance, sales orders, and other trends you want to track. It’ll improve your ability to make decisions and forecasts about future investments, strengthening your business for growth and opportunities.

  • Enhance collaborative working

    By connecting Sage 200cloud to Microsoft Office 365, your sales team can work collaboratively with the service and finance teams back at the office. Sales teams can access critical customer account information straight from Outlook, accessing the information they need in order to improve services and conversations with potential customers.

  • Boost productivity across departments

    With Sage 200cloud you can start performing an in-depth analysis of key financial and performance data to observe trends, and see where you can make improvements or cuts to improve productivity.

  • Fast track your financials with an intuitive platform

    Cut out tedious tasks, such as keying bank payments. Sage 200cloud allows you to set up flows to automate transactions seamlessly into the system.

  • Customised and scalable solution

    With Sage 200cloud you get the features and functionality you need, and you can upgrade or tailor the system to suit your requirements—making it even easier to manage business processes.

  • Command your business from a single platform

    Take control of your business with end-to-end visibility of all your operations. Add or remove users, companies, and reports to meet your business’s ever-changing needs, and improve your understanding of its performance.

Product functions The core elements of Sage 200cloud
  • Financials

    Get the insights into your finance that you need to drive your business forward. The intuitive system saves you time when it comes to getting a clear picture of your business's financial position.

  • Payments

    Collect payments with built in card payments powered by Stripe and PayPal. Stay on track of what you're owed to ensure payments are on made on time, every time.

  • Business Intelligence

    Full data analytics powered by Power BI, the Microsoft Office 365 offering. Create interactive reports and get a true insight into how your business is performing.

  • Connected user

    Access, manage and share data wherever you are for a more connected business. Let your people get access to the information they need on the go for agile decision making.

  • Excel reporting on the go

    For quick and easy analysis of your data, build and access powerful Excel reporting from anywhere. Get automatically formatted data with a single click in Excel.

  • Project accounting

    Projects linked to accounts to show you a single view of all aspects of your projects. Allocate project costs, keep on track of overheads and see the progress of your projects.

  • Bill of materials

    Stock assembly and costing can be time consuming, with Sage 200cloud you can monitor, control and see the cost of your manufacturing processes with ease.

  • Unified platform

    Give your team a single view of customer information and streamline the service that your customers get. A collaborative platform that lets Sales, Marketing and Service teams access specific parts of customer information dependant on user profile access.

Why Thinc?

At Thinc, we appreciate that any investment must keep return on investment clearly in its sight. Through our consultative approach to product selection and implementation, we’ll always make sure that the systems you select are right for your business.

When it comes to Sage, we’re the experts. We can say with confidence that our collective knowledge and experience of the product is unmatched.

Having worked with Sage 200cloud since it was first introduced to the market, we’ve seen the product evolve as the needs of SMEs have progressed. Through our understanding of the product’s capabilities, and our experience of working with a varied range of SMEs from different industry sectors, we offer realistic advice and consultation on whether Sage 200cloud is the best solution for your business—both now and in terms of your future ambitions.

We offer impartial guidance to help you make the right decisions about your business IT solutions.

Sage 200cloud has so many benefits and advantages, it can often be overwhelming to understand where to start. We have a proven three step process.

We’ll give you clarity of project timelines and milestones in advance, so you can plan and prepare all aspects of your business. As we develop the implementation of a system, you can rest assured that any disruption to business is minimal, and there will always be a contingency plan in place to help you manage all of your customers’ expectations.

Read about our approach here

What else can this product offer?

At Thinc we have established relationships with a number of third-party suppliers to support and enhance your system even further.

  • Document management solutions from Spindle allow you to save time, reduce workload around document handling and storing, improve how you manage, share and save important documents and link them to entries in your Sage 200 system.

  • The App allows users to take advantage of document capture technology for your mobile device and send documents like delivery notes, expense receipts and sales orders back to the office whilst you’re on the move – giving you even more flexibility when managing your finances.

  • Automates and streamlines the process involved in managing creditors. In order to maintain good customer relations and cash flow at the same time Credit Hound can help you manage the collection of money quickly and easily. The built-in automated features coupled with a pro-active collection process reduces bad dept and produces critical business information about the status of payments etc.

  • Spindle self-service Is a fully integrated web portal providing easy access to financial information for both your employees and your customers. You can select key financial information from your Sage 200 system to make available at the right people’s fingertips – making it easier and quicker for them to access the information they need.

  • Sicon barcoding and warehousing system offers real time stock and order processing with Sage 200. It utilises the latest technology in automatic identification technology to bring mobility to staff within the manufacturing, distribution and storage area of a business.

  • Eureka solutions are a key Sage development partner when it comes to the market leading Sage 200 solution. Through our partnership with them we can offer our clients a range of addons to enhance the capabilities of their Sage 200 system. Eureka’s range of add-ons introduce enhanced functionality of Sage 200 – outside its core capabilities.

  • Streamline your dispatches by integrating directly with your carrier's consignment software. Working directly from an order within Sage200cloud, Carrierlink, designed and developed in-house at Thinc, allows you to connect with the carrier's software to obtain consignment references, produce labels and automate the manifest process.

  • Improve online shopping or e-commerce experience with Aspidistra a proven affordable Shopfront package that allows you to customise the online shopping experience you provide.

  • NET EDI Provides a platform that directly integrates into your company’s Sage 200 solution allowing you to connect documents such as sales orders, delivery notes, order responses, invoices from certain accounts or customers

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