SAP Business One

Our position as one of the UK’s leading SAP Business One consultants helps our customers become intelligent companies.

Intelligent companies are built on powerful software ecosystems that seamlessly connect every process in their business, which in turn empowers talent to add unlimited value to daily operations. We’re one of the UK’s leading SAP partners, and we have a long track-record in helping customers release their growth potential through SAP Business One.

Our commitment to customer satisfaction is unrivalled, which in turn helps our customers succeed like never before.

SAP Business One streamlines your key processes, provides real-time insights that enable you to make the right decisions at pace and helps you drive profitable, sustainable growth.

What is SAP Business One?

There’s a misconception that only the largest enterprises can run SAP. But SAP Business One is perfectly built for business just like yours. Trusted globally, it is a scalable, affordable solution that unites all of your key business areas, from accounting to CRM, to analytics and inventory management, SAP Business One connects the dots right across your business.

SAP Business One simplifies your business, giving you one powerful system that offers complete visibility across your entire operation. You’ll get access to the data that will drive your growth, and the functionality to improve employee engagement, drive customer satisfaction and improve efficiency right across your business.

Our experience with SAP Business One

Our consultative approach helps us take a deep-dive into your business, understanding both your immediate needs and future opportunities. We’re an holistic and impartial technology provider, so unlike many SAP partners, if SAP Business One isn’t the best solution for you, we’ll say so.

When our consultative approach identifies SAP as the optimum solution, our clients have gone on to achieve incredible success.

You can read more about our customer stories in our customer success guide.

SAP Business One
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Benefits of Sap Business One

  • Real-time

    Make informed decisions with real-time information—get the data that you need, when you need it, to help you when it comes to making key decisions.

  • Flexible

    Choose from a range of outputs when it comes to analysis your data, so you can tailor your reports for a range of user requirements.

  • Multiple

    Add more users with intelligent role-based user profiles, matching their role within the company as and when you need to. Ideal for a growing business.

  • Scalable

    SAP Business One is designed specifically for growing SMEs. The software acts as your digital core, and it will support your business’s growth for years to come.

  • Affordable business
    management solution

    Specifically developed for small and midsize businesses, and it’s a market leader in Enterprise application software. It provides an integrated platform for growth and enables productive sharing of data across all areas of your business.

  • Single solution to manage your business functions

    Bring all of your business functions into a single, unified platform and enable cross-departmental collaboration. This is key to improving efficiency and helping your business to grow.

Amplifying people’s performance

SAP Business One

Perhaps the greatest benefit of SAP Business One is felt by your employees. At Thinc, we believe firmly that by unleashing people’s potential, by untapping their ability to create, innovate, collaborate and connect with customers, your business will create significant, sustainable competitive advantage.

We pride ourselves on the depth to which we educate and train teams on SAP Business One. This has the potential to create a ripple of change at your business, by freeing up time previously spent on routine tasks and also empowering individuals and teams to take advantage of the accurate, real-time data available through SAP Business One.

By making better-and-better decisions it is your people that can advance your business in ways previously unimagined.

Product functions

  • Management and administration

    Get a centralised view of the different areas of your business, allowing you to make management decisions with confidence. Reduce the time it takes to find out key information for a more agile and connected business.

  • Accounting
    and financials

    Unite financial operations with other processes to speed up transactions and improve cash flow. Automate the handling of all key accounting processes such as journal entries, cash flow management, budget control, and simplified management of fixed assets.

  • Inventory
    and distribution

    Get a better understanding of your current stock levels and purchasing needs, based on upcoming orders and seasonal predictions. Make sure you always have the right inventory in to meet customer demands.

  • Project and
    resource management

    Manage your projects with a full view of key events, timelines, and resource allocation, giving you a more streamlined approach to project management.

  • Production
    and MRP

    With user-friendly MRP you can create forecasts and recommendations for purchase orders and production orders based on the current status of transactions in the system. By considering both minimum order quantities and order multiples, you can schedule orders with more structure, to reduce errors and costs.

  • CRM, sales,
    and service

    Oversee the entire sales process and customer lifecycle more efficiently—from initial contact to final sale, and on to after-sales service and support. You can track all sales opportunities and lead activities throughout the sales cycle; create, manage, and analyse marketing activities to turn prospects into customers; and store critical customer data in one place.

  • Purchasing
    and operations

    Optimise purchasing practices, and control costs by managing the complete order-to-pay cycle including receipts, invoices, returns, and payments. Streamline procurement such as requisition requests; purchase orders and goods received; and returns management. Lower your supply chain costs and optimise your relationships with more robust accounts-payable invoicing.

Why Thinc?

At Thinc, we work with companies in a consultative and transparent way. We take the time to fully understand the needs and ambitions of your business, tailoring a solution to meet your unique goals.

This approach ensures that when you make an investment in a proven ERP software application, it is configured and implemented properly—using a combination of SAP implementation tools and our own wealth of experience.

This helps provide a fully integrated technology platform, delivering both immediate benefits and long-term support for the growth of your business.

Read about our approach here

What else can this product offer?

At Thinc we have established relationships with a number of third-party suppliers to support and enhance your system even further.

  • The Advanced Warehouse Management Solutions from Produmex offers full end-to-end traceability, as well as visibility and clarity of stock for sales teams. Reduce operational costs and establish best practices with this complete warehouse management solution.

  • The SAP B1 Usability Package (B1UP) from Boyum is very user-friendly and allows consultants and appropriate end-users to carry out configuration tasks that were previously only possible for developers.

  • Provides a platform that directly integrates into your company’s Sage 200 solution allowing you to connect documents such as sales orders, delivery notes, order responses, invoices from certain accounts or customers

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