Outgrowing your software systems?

You’ve known for some time that your systems need investment. But the fear of disruption, cost or entering the unknown has held you back.

This common scenario is one that not only slows SME growth, but can prevent a business awash with ambition from ever reaching its potential.

We’re specialists in helping businesses scale from SME to large enterprise. The most common reason for failing to make this transition is inadequate systems.

There are many signs that a business is being restrained by its software, some of the most common are listed below.

1. Growing pains

Contrary to belief, growth doesn’t have to hurt. If you’re experiencing internal frustration, dips in customer satisfaction, or if growth only comes as a result of unsustainable levels of human effort, a review of your systems is high priority.

2. Repetitive work

Again it’s time for a review if your team spends a large portion of time on relatively low-value tasks. How do you spot a low value task? Is it repetitive? Is there a high-chance of relatively-small human error? Could it be done more accurately, consistently and efficiently through automation?

3. Data gaps

Are you working with incomplete, inaccurate data, or having to make decisions based on instinct rather than insight? If so, this position will become unsustainable as you grow. Accurate data is essentially the ‘oil’ that enables all SMEs to scale (link to https://wearethinc.com/how-harnessing-customer-data-can-unlock-your-growth-potential/)

4. Multiple systems

If you’re business is built on a blend of different systems, or if your systems don’t talk to one-another, something will fall between the cracks or you may not be maximise the value of your data. Whether its customer data scattered across multiple CRMs, or an over-reliance on spreadsheets, you’re already at the point where your systems are restricting your growth.

5. Reporting is not instant

Real-time reporting is a must for any business scaling at speed. Without this you’re making decisions based on old-information, which won’t satisfy the needs of larger customers and could lead to damaging decisions being made.

Ecosystems for SMEs

We help businesses scale at speed and achieve their full potential. Solutions such as SAP Business One and Sage_200 have levelled the playing field, giving SMEs affordable software capable of challenging enterprise-level competitors and paving the way for growth.

These systems are designed to grow with you, and are continually being enhanced with better-and-better functionality. Crucially they can be paired with complementary software, allowing you to create a complete software ecosystem that gives you complete control and visibility over every aspect of your business.

Outgrown your current systems?

If you think you may have outgrown your current systems, take this test to gauge your next steps, or contact our expert team for a free, impartial systems review.

Business Advisory Team

Business Advisory Team

Our experts work with small and medium sized enterprises all over the UK to help them achieve the business benefits of ERP systems.

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Outgrown your accounting software?

Outgrown your accounting software?

If you think you may have outgrown your current systems, take this test to gauge your next steps.


Why Thinc?

At Thinc we appreciate that any investment for an SME must be a calculated business decision with a return on investment clearly in sight. Through our consultative approach to product selection and implementation, we will always make sure that the systems you select are absolutely right for your business and people’s needs.

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