Sage 200 for Warehousing

Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing offers real-time integration with the Sage 200 Stock & Order Processing modules.

This Sage 200 module fully supports all of the Sicon additions (including Job Costing) for issues and returns, works orders for picking and building assemblies, and distribution for pre-allocation of stock at the point of goods received.

Available for any Android device, Sicon Barcoding & Warehousing provides all of the functionality typically required in a warehouse environment, packaged up in an intuitive interface.

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What else can this solution offer?

Sage 200 for Warehousing

The Sage 200 report designer supports many barcode formats as standard. Layouts are provided in the Sage 200 report designer to:

  • Print barcode labels at goods-in
  • Print warehouse bin location labels
  • Print barcodes on purchase orders, sales orders, job sheets, and works orders

Additional licenses are required per barcode device and you’ll need to provide:

  • Wireless network covering your warehouse area(s)
  • Your chosen handset hardware options

The choice of handheld device options are endless, but here are some examples of what is available:

  • Low cost option: Samsung Tab A6 (Android) plus rugged case, with JM Prime S700 Bluetooth trigger scanner—total approx. £160
  • Ruggedised option: JM Prime JM-9 at approx. £400

Product functions

  • Installed and maintained within Sage 200

    Specifically designed for Sage 200 integration

  • Will run on any Android device

    A range of low cost devices are available

  • Receive POs and putaway into existing or new bins

    Streamline the picking process

  • Pick and despatch sales orders

    Real-time view of available stock

  • Issue and return stock to internal/jobs

    Ensure all stock is accounted for

  • Pick stock for Sicon Works Orders & Kits

    Build when the pick has been completed

  • Pick stock for Sicon stock transfer

    Sicon Service and warehouse replenishment

  • Add ‘found’ stock for accurate stock control

    Add back into your inventory log

  • Write-off damaged stock within the device

    Record the reason for the write off for improved reporting

  • Stock take both traceable and non-traceable items

    Accurately manage your stock levels and reduce likeliness of shortages

  • Transfer stock in the warehouse

    Even if it’s already allocated, you can transfer stock into your warehouse

  • Allocate received stock to sales orders

    Using back-to-back or Sicon pre-allocations processing

Why Thinc for Sage 200 for Warehousing?

When we connect with your business, we work to understand how you want to improve your warehousing and distribution processes. We’ll also uncover any efficiencies and system integrations that can be achieved.

From our initial consultation, we’ll be able to advise on the best solutions for your needs. Through our knowledge of working with Sage 200, and our experience in business, we have developed an unrivalled understanding of the product capabilities and how they apply in practice.

Our Sage 200 team will help you implement the right solution efficiently and effectively.

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