Sage 200 Extension Modules

The wide range of Sage200 extension modules allow you to build a software ecosystem perfectly suited to your business.

As a longstanding Sage platinum partner and Sage UK’s “number 1 partner for service excellence”, we’re perfectly positioned to help you select the right Sage 200 modules for your business.

There are a diverse range of Sage 200 extension modules to choose from. Selecting the right Sage ERP modules for your specific needs requires a deep understanding of the modules available and their wide-ranging functions and benefits. Some extensions are industry specific, however the majority simply enable you to get the most out of your Sage 200 solution by building on existing functionality – like Sage 200 Financials and accounts.

Documents for Sage 200

Documents is a Sage 200 add on that allows users to store and retrieve documents within their Sage 200 SQL database.

Documents runs within Sage 200 and allows users to easily scan and attach documents to records. You can also drag and drop files directly from email, attaching them against customers, suppliers, sales orders and purchase orders. It’s an incredibly easy way to keep all relevant information in one place.

Cash Flow for Sage 200

With Sage 200 cash flow you’ll be able to view your current and future forecasted cash flow statement and position on a handy, customisable dashboard.

The Sage 200 cash flow module pulls real-time data from your Sage 200 system. Using a simple drag and drop system, you can view your bank accounts, sales orders, purchase orders and much more.

The module also allows you to add memos to invoices and manage ad-hoc expenses for unexpected items. Your Sage cash flow statement can even be taught to learn from client payment habits.

Sage 200 Fixed Assets 

The Fixed Assets module is amongst the most popular of the Sicon Sage 200 add ons.

Fixed Assets means you’ll always be on top of your assets, allowing you to record maintenance and repair costs and track their depreciation in multiple ways. Sage 200 Fixed Assets also allows you to create asset categories (and sub-categories) which helps link assets together. You can also easily provide depreciation forecasts to assist with future budgeting.

Intercompany for Sage 200

Sage Intercompany is another innovative Sage 200 add on from Sicon. The Sage Intercompany transactions module aims to make Sage 200 run more efficiently across multiple companies. It allows users to easily apportion invoices, transfer stock and cash and create related purchase and sales orders between multiple businesses.

These transactions allow for the VAT relationship between the companies and can run with an unlimited number of Sage companies.

Contracts for Sage 200

Contracts is a powerful Sage contract management module. It is designed to help with periodic invoicing and manages your deferred income postings to your P&L. It saves time spent on renewal reminders, can process invoices for recurring contracts and allows contracts to be amended mid-term. Your invoicing periods can be configured to reflect monthly, quarterly or annual periods.

Bills of Material for Sage 200

Sage 200 Bill of Material (BOM) enables you to monitor, control and see the cost of your manufacturing processes with ease. The Sage 200 BOM module allows you to simplify your costing and reporting in light manufacturing assembly. Adjust and monitor your stock levels, by easily tracking exactly what is being used when assembling (including sub-assemblies) stock items/products.

To learn more about all of the features and benefits of Sage 200, review the functionality that you can enjoy as standard.

Sage 200 Extension Modules
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