WAP for Sage 200

Web Authorisation Processor (WAP) is a web-based application that seamlessly integrates with Sage 200. WAP for Sage 200 helps to streamline day-to-day processes and improve productivity through easy data entry and document processing.

WAP modules

WAP has seven modules that can be used individually or together, ensuring businesses can create a solution that suits their needs.

All modules feature multiple levels of authorisation that can be based on parameters drawn directly from your Sage 200 platform. These include nominal codes, project/job, value, user and document type.

WAP Purchase Requisitions

With WAP Purchase Requisitions for Sage 200, you’re able to raise purchase requisitions using data directly from your Sage 200 platform, such as your suppliers, stock items, projects and budgets. 

You can also set Purchase Order approval limits for various users; add justification documents to each requisition; set parameters so employees can only select from approved suppliers and stock items stored within your Sage 200; and create automatic purchase orders once approvals have been authorised.

WAP Invoice Approvals

The WAP Invoice Approvals module for Sage 200 automatically flags invoices that need authorisation within your system. This authorisation can then be routed for multi-level approval. 

Invoices can be entered directly into Sage 200, automatically triggering an alert, within WAP, for those that need approval. 

Alternatively, invoices can be entered into the WAP module which are then automatically posted to Sage 200 once authorised. Entering invoices into WAP provides greater flexibility by allowing users to amend VAT and projects during the approval process.

WAP Expenses

The WAP Expenses module for Sage 200 simplifies and streamlines the entry of expenses through pre-configured expense items. 

Mileage claims can be calculated using the Google Maps integration, which can account for normal work commute mileage and return journeys. Approved expenses are automatically posted to Sage 200 and can be held on query until supporting documents have been provided, which can be scanned in and attached to an expense claim.

WAP Timesheets

The WAP Timesheets module for Sage 200 allows individuals to upload their timesheets either via PC or mobile device. Time can be easily entered against a job or project to give quick and accurate overviews. 

Users can also create flexible work patterns that incorporate TOIL, overnight stays and can manage time spent on-site, to help calculate overtime charges with ease. 

WAP Holidays

The WAP Holidays module for Sage 200 allows users to raise holiday requests and send them for approval through a specified approval route of one or more people. 

The module will identify conflicts with other users’ holidays which can be flagged up at either the point of approval or initial request. 

Bank holidays are updated automatically each year and special holidays can be added manually. When used alongside the WAP Timesheets module for Sage 200, it will automatically update the timesheet to reflect the authorised holidays.

WAP Sales Orders

With the Sales Orders module for Sage 200, sales orders can be raised in WAP with information being pulled from your Sage 200 customers list, stock items and price book. 

Once these sales orders have been submitted for approval, they can be reviewed before automatically being created within Sage 200. 

As with all WAP modules, justification documents can be added to each sales order and different approval limits can be set per user. Approved sales orders can be emailed directly from WAP.


The WAP HR modules for Sage 200 give users the ability to continuously view and update their own key information such as bank details, qualifications, absences and information about their current role. 

Users will be notified when qualifications are due to expire and links with various other WAP modules such as Holidays, Timesheets and Expenses.

To find out more about Sage 200, visit our Sage 200 page.

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Speak to us today

Interested in speaking to a member of our team about Sage 200 and how it can help your business, simply complete the form below and we'll be in touch.


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