What is Sage 200?

Sage 200 is a powerful enterprise resource management solution for Small-to-Medium-Sized-Enterprises (SMEs).

Two versions are available, Sage 200 Standard and Sage 200 Professional.

Sage 200 Standard delivers a powerful cloud-based accounting solution. Sage 200 Professional contains all of the features of Standard plus a series of additional modules, including Sage CRM, built-in functionality to ensure GDPR compliance, Sage supply chain management software and advanced business intelligence ready to help you scale at speed.

One of Sage 200’s greatest advantages is the power it places in your hands, enabling you to manage your entire business through one integrated system. Using Sage 200 Professional allows you to coordinate all of your key business processes, including finance, customer services, stock management, performance management and project management.

You can customise Sage 200 Professional by taking advantage of the Sage 200 extension modules or create a fully tailored solution through the extensive range of specialist software that is compatible with Sage 200.

In summary, Sage 200 streamlines your business and enables you to manage all aspects of your business through a single, integrated system on any device, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

Sage 200 vs Sage 50

Many SMEs contact us asking “why should we upgrade to Sage 200?” Sage 50 and Sage 200 are aimed at different stages of business growth. Sage 50 is perfect for micro business requiring an accounting solution. But Sage 200 is perfect for ambitious businesses seeking software solutions that will support robust, sustainable growth.

Why upgrade to Sage 200? 

Many clients move to Sage 200 as they’ve outgrown their existing software. You will gain greater control over your business by using it. Sage 200 provides leaders with powerful, real-time data that drives decision making, empowers employees and enables them to focus increasingly on higher-value activities that drive your business forwards.

You can use our online tool to discover if you’ve outgrown your existing accounts software 

Sage 200 neatly integrates with Microsoft Office 365 and also allows you to connect with a wide-range of third party apps, which can be used to create a complete IT ecosystem that underpins all aspects of your business.

Is Sage 200 right for our business?

Sage 200 is for SMEs, but is built to grow with you. It’s critical that your IT systems keep pace as your business expands. Sage 200 runs on a powerful Microsoft SQL database, which means speed and performance are unaffected by extremely large volumes of transactions or data in the core database. Sage 200 has the power and productivity of the desktop, with the freedom and control of smart, secure cloud-based software.

We’ve helped many SMEs grow rapidly with Sage 200. You can read about these in the client case studies section of our site.

Equally, as one of Sage’s leading partners, our work and advice has actively helped shape the Sage 200 product and service delivery over the years.

Sage 200 helps amplify your people’s performance

Your employees will be one of the greatest beneficiaries of your move to Sage 200. Through detailed team training, a key feature of our work, your people will be taught how to get the greatest benefit from their new software. Sage 200 is designed to free up time previously spent on routine tasks, which in turn helps your people become increasingly engaged with your business. Their creativity, knowledge and experience can then help advance your business at scale and speed.

Sage 200 modules

Sage 200 has a powerful set of core features and has been developed in a modular format, allowing you to tailor the solution to your unique needs. This means you’ll only ever pay for the features you require and allows you to scale your solution as your business changes and grows.

These core features can even be added to using Sage200 extension modules, including CRM, bill of materials (Sage BOM), and Sage 200 Professional can connect directly with Microsoft Power BI (part of the MS Office 365 suite of programs).


Sage 200 Product Tour

What is Sage 200?
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Sage 200 Professional modules

Sage 200 Professional modules include:
  • Financials

    Sage Financials is a central module within Sage 200. It provides you with on-demand insight into your finances through four key ledgers; sales, purchasing, nominal and cashbook. Sage Financials allows you to keep control of your business finances, any time, anywhere.

  • Commercials

    Stay one step of your customers needs by managing the full scale of your supply chain with Sage 200 Commercials module. From stock control and processing, right the way through to batch and serial tracking.

  • Payments

    Sage’s smart financial solutions also allow you to collect payments with built-in card payments powered by Stripe and PayPal. Stay on track of what you’re owed to ensure payments are made on time, every time.

  • Sales, Marketing and Service

    Give your team a single view of customer information and streamline the service you provide to customers. The collaborative nature of the Sage 200 solution lets Sales, Marketing and Service teams access specific parts of customer information dependent on user profile access.

  • Connected user

    Access, manage and share data wherever you are for a more connected business. Let your people get access to the information they need on the go for agile decision making.

  • Excel reporting on the go

    For quick and easy analysis of your data, build and access powerful Excel reporting from anywhere. Get automatically formatted data with a single click in Excel.

  • Project accounting

    Projects linked to accounts to show you a single view of all aspects of your projects. Allocate project costs, keep on track of overheads and see the progress of your projects.

  • Bill of materials (Sage BOM)

    Stock assembly and costing can be time consuming, with Sage 200 BOM you can monitor, control and see the cost of your manufacturing processes with ease.

  • Manufacturing

    The Sage 200 Manufacturing module is powerful optional module that covers the entire manufacturing process, empowering you to manage all aspects of your goods and products manufacturing with increasing visibility, control and efficiency.

  • Sage 200 Extension Modules

    The wide range of Sage 200 extension modules allow you to further tailor your solution to your precise needs. Some extensions are industry specific, however many simply build upon the existing functionality within Sage 200, helping you get the absolute maximum from it.

Benefits of Sage 200

  • A business-wide software solution

    Sage 200 unifies accounting software, supply chain management software, CRM modules and much more into a single desktop solution. Sage 200 allows you to manage your finances, customers, end-to-end supply chain and business insight, providing a business-wide solution that enables cross-departmental collaboration and a more efficient way of working.

  • Analyse key business insights

    With quick and easy reporting, you can analyse key business performance data in detail, with Sage 200 Business Intelligence. The real-time and historic data can be presented in a range of outputs, tailored to the audience that is viewing it and their preferred format.

  • Improve decision making and forecasts

    With advanced business intelligence and analytics you can set up reports to give you live information about financial performance, sales orders, and other trends you want to track. It will improve your ability to make decisions and forecasts about future investments, strengthening your business for growth and opportunities.

  • Enhance collaborative working

    Thanks to Sage’s Microsoft Office 365 integration your sales team can work collaboratively with the service and finance teams back at the office. Sales teams can access critical customer account information straight from Outlook, accessing the information they need in order to improve services and conversations with potential customers.

  • Boost productivity across departments

    With Sage 200 you can start performing an in-depth analysis of key financial and performance data to observe trends, and see where you can make improvements or cuts to improve productivity.

  • Fast track your financials with an intuitive platform

    Cut out tedious tasks, such as keying bank payments. Sage 200 allows you to set up flows to automate transactions seamlessly into the system.

  • Customised and scalable solution

    With Sage 200 you get the features and functionality you need, and you can upgrade or tailor the system to suit your requirements—making it even easier to manage business processes.

  • Command your business from a single platform

    Take control of your business with end-to-end visibility of all your operations. Add or remove users, companies, and reports to meet your business’s ever-changing needs, and improve your understanding of its performance.


Sage 200 Implementation and Support

We’re a longstanding Sage platinum partner, Sage UK’s “number 1 partner for service excellence” and have helped over 400 businesses successfully scale their businesses through Sage 200.

Our extensive knowledge of Sage accounting software, the Sage 200 professional modules, as well as the extensive range of Sage 200 add ons allows us to take a consultative approach and only ever recommend what is right for your business.

Having worked with Sage 200 since it was first introduced to the market, we’ve seen the product evolve as the needs of SMEs have progressed.


Through our understanding of the product’s capabilities, and our experience of working with a varied range of SMEs from different industry sectors, we offer realistic advice and consultation on whether Sage 200 is the best solution for your business—both now and in terms of your future ambitions.

Sage 200 has so many benefits and advantages, it can often be overwhelming to understand where to start.

We have a proven three step process, which you can read about here.
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