Sage Intacct Additional Modules

Sage Intacct Additional Modules give you flexible and advanced functionality to automate and streamline key finance and accounting processes.

Fixed Assets

  • Tie in a full asset management system with your core accounting processes.

Fixed asset software merges with core financial management functions and gains a complete, flexible, and automated asset management system. In a single fixed asset platform you can easily manage the complete asset management lifecycle, allowing you to eliminate manual effort and accelerate monthly closes whilst gaining increased control and improving decision making with greater visibility across your entire business.

Comprehensive platform 

Sage Intacct’s fixed asset management improves and simplifies accounting accuracy throughout the entire fixed asset management lifecycle. You can work with a single set of asset acquisition, depreciation and disposal data which can be shared automatically with the general ledger, accounts payable and purchasing.

Control Fixed Assets 

Sage Intacct’s fixed asset management allows you to centrally manage and safeguard all of your business assets. There will be no more spreadsheet oversight, with version control and latest copy being a constant issue. Enjoy easier asset tracking and reporting of information including condition, insurance status, and maintenance logs. 

Track Accounting and Tax Depreciation 

Sage Intacct’s fixed asset software allows you to maintain separate tax and accounting books with ease. You can automatically record different depreciation methods for asset categories as well as use straight-line and reducing balance for accounting, for tax depreciation, or to create your own schedules.

Improve reporting to make better decisions 

Sage Intacct’s accounting software allows you to tag fixed assets with dimensions to track how costs are distributed by department, project, location and more. Then, it allows you to clearly report book values using visual dashboards..

Inventory Management 

  • Track, value and manage stock with completely integrated accuracy

With inventory management you can configure your warehouse operations to match your business needs. Accurate stock checks and deliver time frames allow you to improve customer satisfaction and help you optimise inventory order levels to reducing capital spending and improve your cash flow. 

Cloud based approach 

Managing inventory is a moving target, especially if you have multiple warehouses, different units of measure and part numbers that change through kitting and changing suppliers. Using Sage Intacct’s online inventory you can track, value and manage your stock with ease. This ensures that you can maintain stock accuracy every step of the way.

Optimise stock control 

With Sage Intacct’s comprehensive inventory reporting, you can see across locations, products and inventory status with no guesswork or estimates. The system maintains an accurate position of stock status at every step of the inventory journey. The software allows you to make smarter decisions and optimise your inventory by setting efficient reorder levels and quantities.

Encourage collaboration 

Sage Intacct’s web based inventory management system will enable your sales, finance, operations and logistics teams to collaborate from wherever they are in the world. You can easily manage inventory across multiple locations, product lines, suppliers and countries. Sage Intacct’s inventory dashboards and reporting tools can help your teams make smarter reorder decisions, handle fulfilment and deal with returns, together.

Make smarter decisions 

With Sage Intacct accounting software, you’ll be armed to make smarter decisions and optimise your inventory levels. You can set efficient reorder points and quantities, allowing you to free up working capital for better use.

Professional approach 

Using standard templates, Sage Intacct inventory management will enable you to deal with adjustments, transfers, damaged items, scrap, returns and other things. The software allows you to operate a seamless cloud-based inventory process all the way from vendor quotes through to customer invoices.

Multi Entity Consolidation

  • Consolidate hundreds of entities in minutes, not days – boost productivity more than 50%!

You can easily go global with a robust, accurate, and easy multi-currency financial management platform. The automated financial tools allow you to save time and reduce errors whilst increasing your visibility through fully up-to-date local and global reports.

Multiple Entity Consolidations 

With Sage Intacct, you can easily obtain granular visibility with eliminations and currency impacts recorded as journal entries, and easily make post-consolidation changes. The software allows you to automate intercompany eliminations at the point of consolidation, and consolidate complex ownership structures such as minority and partial ownerships. You can even close the books faster with Sage Intacct and view interim summary figures at any time – your financial statements are ready at the click of a button.

Multi-Currency Accounting 

You can instantly set up new entities with configurable rules for inter-entity transactions, bank accounts, and more. With our financial management platform for multiple entities, you can have new entities inherit your existing lists, process definitions, and charts of accounts. Or, you can easily configure each new entity with unique definitions.  If you want to centralise payables and receivables, if you want to have multiple charts of accounts, Sage Intacct makes it possible. 

Unified Multi-Entity Architecture 

With the unified financial consolidation software, handle domestic and global locations, single and multiple base currencies, and simple and complex ownership structures. Shared definitions let you share vendor, customer, and item lists across multiple entities to speed up new entity creation and enable cross-entity and multiple entity reporting.


Sage Intacct Additional Modules
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Project Accounting

See all your time, expense and project-based accounting data, financial and non-financial - all in one place.
  • Stay on track

    Sage Intacct’s project and financial management system automates the project accounting processes for your business needs. You have access to the true costs, time, and expenses to help you manage resources, billing and even revenue recognition!

  • Project accounting

    Sage Intacct automates project management, time-tracking, full-featured costing and resource management, project billing, and revenue recognition. It helps you to track expenses by projects, identify unbilled research and development costs or run billable services projects for clients.


  • Streamline Revenue Recognition

    Sage Intacct improves financial accuracy by generating invoices in the right format, with the right terms and amounts, using the correct data, that supports a variety of fixed price and T&M methods. Receive separate revenue recognition from billing and automatically calculate and post based on milestones, schedules, or percentage completion.

  • Better Answers

    Sage Intacct keeps you up to date with role-specific reports and dashboards, meaning that you can give clients and colleagues answers about current statuses, milestones and invoices, as well as generate reports on revenue, costs, and utilisation to improve profit margins.

Revenue Recognition

Intelligent, automated and responsive revenue recognition.
  • Automate daily tasks

    Sage Intacct helps to reduce your frustration associated with the complexities of revenue recognition. It simplifies revenue management by flexibly configuring expense amortisation to correspond, or differ from your revenue recognition terms.


  • Improve automation

    Sage Intacct’s recurring revenue management software allows you to integrate easily with Salesforce, delivering bidirectional flow of order, customer, and contract data, to save time and reduce manual errors. You can also streamline subscriptions and recurring-revenue recognition with real-time updates to accounting and billing for discounts, usage, renewals, upgrades, cancellations.

  • Improve accuracy

    With unique templates and schedules builders in Sage Intacct, you can automatically recognise revenue according to accounting standards. The software lets you recognise revenue and amortises expenses, even when figures and numbers aren’t static.

  • Deep insights

    Unique dashboards and reports give you a deeper insight into your data. Actionable views let you delve into revenue value and profitability by contract, products, divisions, and much more. With a clear view at every stage of the revenue lifecycle, you have access to order details, fulfilment of performance obligations, revenue recognition, billing, and collection information, all in one place.

Spend Management

Sage Intacct makes it easy to streamline your purchasing and payables processes.

  • Stay on track

    It’s sometimes too easy for spending to go off track, especially with fast growing businesses. We all know that different departments have different expenditure needs and want to purchase from preferred vendors, and with employees in multiple locations, you face an increasing need for smart, effective controls and complete visibility to avoid the overspending and unexpected costs that can limit business growth.

  • Govern Spending

    Sage Intacct’s spend management software lets you govern all company spending to align with your budgets, so you never spend more than you should. With real-time dashboards, you can thoroughly analyse the “spend trend” to stay on top of company purchases and reduce unplanned variances.

  • Get more control

    You can automatically enforce spending limits to avoid budget variances and meet corporate policies. The software’s multidimensional architecture lets you create custom validation rules based on the type of spend request, departments, and location. Sage Intacct can even send alerts or stop spending if a request exceeds the budget, so you’re always on top of your finances.

  • Make smarter decisions

    Sage Intacct’s multi-dimensional system lets you track budget versus actuals based on the attributes that matter most. The dashboards let you break down your data quickly and easily to see trends and monitor variances in real-time. You’re able to see the big picture in seconds and make better, faster, and smarter decisions.

Time and Expenses

Time and expense management software designed to streamline processes, reduce revenue leakage, and simplify revenue recognition.

  • Reduce errors

    As your business works on behalf of clients, it’s hard to know whether you’re accurately capturing all of the time and expenses for every project. 

    Sage Intacct expense management software moves time and expense data to invoices and revenue recognition workflows, so less staff resource is needed. Helping you maximise revenue and keep your employees focused on client goals, not expenses, accounting, and reporting.

  • Improve efficiency

    Sage Intacct makes it easy to manage time and expenses, as your employees can enter time and expense data anytime, anywhere. Managers get instant alerts to review and approve reports, whilst employees receive prompt reimbursement in the right currency.

  • Real time project insights

    With Sage Intacct software, your time and expense accounting data is accessible and accurate. It’s easy to get a quick look at your dashboards to track the progress and profitability of each client and project, or monitor hours to set and meet goals for billable hours, either for the whole team or for individual employees.

  • Automated billing

    With the expense management software, your time and expense data automatically flows to your invoicing and  revenue recognition processes. You can quickly generate  project billing and accurate invoices for projects and clients, based on actual time and expenses as incurred. You can also post direct and indirect labour costs and recognise revenue in a timely fashion.

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