Sage Intacct for financial services

Sage Intacct is a best-in-class cloud finance software for financial institutions. Sage Intacct is designed  for organisations that are ready to streamline, automate and accelerate their processes. It is a flexible and configurable finance management platform built on a true cloud foundation. Find out more about this accounting software for accounting firms who are ready to reach new levels of success.

Why Sage Intacct is the best accounting software for other financial services:

  • Reduce costs by 90% by moving to the Cloud
  • Expect to see a 70% reduction in average processing costs
  • Cut down the time taken to consolidate data, from weeks to minutes

Plan your best route to multi-entity management success with Sage Intacct software solutions

Many of our clients work for financial institutions. From accounting and bookkeeping  firms to insurance agents , our clients increasingly rely on Sage software to save time and drive  efficiency. Here’s why we recommend Sage  solutions, to enhance productivity, save time  and remove the need for tedious data entry

What can Sage Intacct do for the financial services sector?

  • Automated back-office processes and headcount reductions save hundreds of pounds per year.
  • Real-time access to information improves project profitability.
  • Hundreds of entities can be consolidated in minutes.
  • The ability to move seamlessly to the Cloud creates opportunities for further IT cost efficiencies.

Find out more about Sage Intacct with a quick product tour before you speak to our team about your unique requirements.

Financial asset management with deeper data

We recognise the daily challenges that Chief Finance Officers and Chief Investment Officers face when managing multiple assets.

Over many years of implementing Sage software solutions, we’ve answered similar questions time and time again.  How do you:

  • Best integrate financial data from multiple systems?
  • Manage cash on cash performance monitoring?
  • Compile and consolidate financial results across multiple operating entities into one single holding company?
  • Calculate fair market value and net asset value for the assets in your portfolio?
  • Prepare timely and actionable board reports?

When it comes to selecting financial management software for your finance team, time efficiency is paramount. In the financial services industry, you’ll  need a superior solution to QuickBooks, Microsoft Excel and Xero.

This is where Sage Intacct leads the way for the financial services sector. It offers unrivalled financial asset management, combining time efficiency with access to accurate data.

Discover why Sage Intacct outranks its competitors thanks to a valuable range of core financial modules.

Real-time consolidation for multi-funds across hundreds of entities

The Financial Services industry is highly competitive, setting your organisation up for growth is so important for success in this business climate. Many Financial Services organisations find that instead of thriving off the growth, they are seeing more and more frustrations with their accounting software which can end up spiralling into high overhead costs, unnecessary risks and functional limitations, ultimately being a barrier to efficiency and growth

Sage Intacct is designed as a bookkeeping software for accountants who work with fast-paced investments.  It offers real-time reporting at your fingertips, continuous data consolidation and data-driven decision capability. As a result , you can leave outdated quarterly reporting behind.

Sage Intacct is the world-leading multi-entity, multicurrency cloud finance software package for investment management firms. It is the ideal software for financial institutions with big ambitions. Sage Intacct can support with:

  • Full compliance requirements
  • Multicurrency capability requirements
  • Real-time consolidations with intercompany eliminations
  • Easy report interrogation of funds, assets and operating companies
  • Built-in reports along with advanced custom reporting and analytics as required.

Find out more about multi-entity consolidation, or speak to our team of experts.


Sage Intacct for financial services
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Financial Services Accounting Software

Having worked with hundreds, of businesses in the financial sector, we understand the pain points.  The multiple financial reporting requirements for each of your funds are often tedious, time-consuming, and error-prone. Often, by the time you’ve finished one report, it’s time to start collating the most up-to-date numbers again. Sage Intacct is ideal for the financial services sector:

  • Data driven decision making

    Data driven decision making

    Sage Intacct enables smarter decisions, driven by data. With instant access to data across complex entity structures  you are always in a strong position to make informed decisions to increase returns.


  • Scalable accounting software that grows with your business

    Scalable accounting software that grows with your business

    Sage Intacct for financial services is a management platform that will adapt and expand as you do. There is no need to add resources, install new software or create additional tasks as you increase your portfolio’s assets. Seamlessly share reports and insights across all your operating companies.

  • Cloud-ready technology for financial services

    Cloud-ready technology for financial services

    Sage Intacct is an accounting  software platform built to embrace the modern technology landscape. Based entirely in the cloud, Sage Intacct allows you to manage your financial software efficiently. With security at its core, you can relax knowing your operating companies are fully protected.

  • Compliance risk management peace of mind

    Compliance risk management peace of mind

    Using the latest compliance strategies and auditing techniques, Sage Intacct provides a collaborative compliance environment. Based on trusted Sage accounting compliance,  Intacct details intercompany transactions and transaction logs consistently.

    Matching  data across the front and back office, you can see what was done, when and why. Most importantly, you can see, at a glance,  how the action complies with the rules.



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Our expert team at Thinc are ready to help you choose your new financial software solution. If you think it’s time to accelerate your financial services business, speak to our consultants about an end-to-end implementation of Sage Intacct.

To find out more about Sage Intacct for the financial services sector, get in touch with our team.

Or take a closer look at at Sage Intacct’s additional modules, that set Sage apart as the best accounting software for accounting firms.

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