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Sage Intacct Pricing

How does Sage Intacct Pricing work?

Sage Intacct is a powerful modular suite of applications. This means you can pick and choose what modules you do and don’t need according to your business preferences.

Sage Intacct is split into core modules and optional modules. Core modules are included within your base subscription and optional modules increase the price of your subscription.

Core modules include applications like General Ledger, Purchasing, Order Entry and Budgets, and optional modules include applications like Multi-Currency, Global Consolidations, Inventory & Projects.

As there are so many options, it’s generally best to speak to a specialist who can give you a precise estimate, but, in general, the core modules start at a few thousand per user per year with the price of optional modules varying according to their capability.

It’s not uncommon for Sage Intacct customers to see a return on their investment of 250%, so if you’re a modern business looking to move to the cloud, it’s definitely worth investigating.

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User Types

Business Users

These users are full users who can do anything within the solution, depending on the permissions they're assigned. They are best suited to admin users and super users within the team.

Employee Users

These users are limited users that can only carry out basic activities. Some examples are, raising purchase requisitions, approving entries, or submitting timesheets. Employee uses can also view reports and dashboards.

Other Users

There are also other user types depending on which optional modules you decide to use. For example, warehouse users can access certain areas of the inventory applications, and project users can access certain areas of the projects applications.

Sage Intacct Capability

Sage Intacct is an industry leading accounting and ERP solution with capability that extends across users and departments.

  • Multi Company & Consolidation

    Sage Intacct makes it easy to manage an unlimited number of companies, run consolidation reports in seconds and automatically post inter-company transactions.

  • Reporting & Dashboards

    Sage Intacct comes with hundreds of pre-built reports, dashboards and BI tools. Dramatically reduce the time it takes you to build and run reports.

  • Procure to Pay

    Sage Intacct can be used for the entire procure to pay process with a number of customisable approval workflows, as well as the ability to manage inventory and landed costs.

  • Quote to Cash

    Sage Intacct can be used for the complete quote to cash process, from initial customer quote through to fulfilment, invoicing and payment. Confirmation and reminder e-mails can be sent straight from the system.

  • Budgeting & Spend Management

    Sage Intacct comes with a complete dimensional budgeting capability to make is easy to define budgets by department, team or company.

  • AI & Outlier Detection

    Sage Intacct is built on an AI & Machine Learning platform. This makes it easy for the solution to predict what transactions may be a cause for concern, speeding up the time it takes you to make corrections.

  • Month-End Milestones

    Sage Intacct has a month-end activity view with team assignments, making it incredibly easy to see what periodic activities remain to be done, and how long they're going to take.

  • Project Costing & Billing

    Sage Intacct also comes with the option to build in a complete project costing and billing module, making it easy to view project actuals vs budget as well as manage project billing with ease.

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Increase Your ROI

With an average return in investment of 250%. Sage Intacct is guaranteed to drive your business forward.

Reduce Your Close

Whether it's manual workload, corrections or reporting, reduce your close by up to 79%.

Improve Your Productivity

With improvements in productivity of up to 65%, Sage Intacct is proven to amplify the performance of your team.

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