What is Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct is a web based accounting solution for small to medium sized businesses.

Known as Sage’s best cloud financial software, Sage Intacct can be fully tailored to your individual business needs by our expert, fully accredited Sage development team.

As an official Sage Intacct Partner and Sage’s “number 1 partner for excellent service”,  we have a fully accredited Business Advisory team who can guide you through the opportunities Sage Intacct, can deliver to your business. 

Sage Intacct enables business leaders to gain complete, real time visibility and reporting over their entire business from anywhere. With complete cloud integration, Sage Intacct offers so much more functionality for unlimited business growth and scale. As your business grows, Sage Intacct enables you to automate more of your day to day processes like invoices, expenses, payments and other transactions so you can focus on more valuable business initiatives.  

Sage Intacct is built from the ground up to be the best cloud-based accounting solution, set to transform the efficiency and productivity of your finance teams. Read our FAQs for more information.

Speak to our expert Business Advisors today for a personalised demo and overview of your options.

Is Sage Intacct Cloud-based?

Yes. Sage Intacct is a powerful ‘born in the cloud’ financial management system, focused on transforming mid-sized companies who want to scale and achieve high growth.

Sage Intacct is built for the cloud. Its multi-tenant, true cloud foundation brings robust technology infrastructure to your organisation, without the high costs of managing servers. It provides the flexibility companies need to grow.

Sage Intacct accounting software runs in the cloud and is a suite of core financial modules that enables you to manage your business finances, additional modules can be added to increase functionality.

Sage Intacct Product Tour

What is Sage Intacct?
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Benefits of Sage Intacct?

Online accounting software can transform the way your business works and lower the cost of ownership (TCO). The main benefits of Sage Intacct are:
  • Accelerate your decision making

    With Sage Intacct you can make more robust business decisions, faster. Thanks to Sage Intacct’s real-time reporting features you can have instant visibility of the data you need to inform your decision making.

  • On the cloud

    Sage Intacct is built entirely on The Cloud with powerful API capabilities and huge cost efficiencies; you can access your data anywhere, at any time.

  • Future-proof your finance function

    Purpose built for finance, Sage Intacct gives your finance teams tools that they will love to use. By choosing Sage Intacct accounting software, you’re guaranteed a solution that’s easy to use and will grow with your business.

  • Streamline and automate the fundamentals

    Sage Intacct’s financial management platform enables you to automate critical processes. You can reduce the need for multiple spreadsheet headaches and gain greater visibility of your business performance in real time. 

  • Tailored solution

    Sage Intacct can be tailored to suit your business. Our expert team will help you to configure your workflows and set up your preferences, without any costly coding or scripting. 

  • Seamless integration

    Sage Intacct provides a flexible and configurable financial management platform. Combining robust technology and infrastructure, Sage Intacct makes it easy to share data and integrate with other business management systems such as Salesforce, without high costs and complexity.

  • Multi-currency

    Processes such as currency conversion, transaction processing, local tax are supported.

  • Core financials

    As standard, Sage Intacct’s Core Financials is packed full of powerful functionality.

Why Choose Sage Intacct?

  • Powerful integration

    Powerful integration

    You can keep existing tools and systems that work well in your organisation and integrate them with Intacct financial management. In doing so, you can create a more effective systems environment to support your business needs.

  • Improved financial management

    Improved financial management

    Sage Intacct cloud financial software delivers deep accounting capabilities across multiple industries. Intacct has been designed and developed by finance professionals. This commitment to improving financial processes is a big part of being named the first and only preferred provider of the AICPA and the vision leader in SMB finance.

  • High success rates

    High success rates

    Sage Intacct customers achieve an average of 250% ROI and payback in less than six months. The software platform has received the highest customer satisfaction ratings from G2 Crowd.

  • Real time reporting

    Real time reporting

    Sage Intacct allows you to see real-time reporting across hundreds of consolidated entities. Financial leaders using Sage Intacct are always in a position to drive growth.


Why Intacct?

Intacct delivers a comprehensive, fully-integrated financial management and accounting system that meets your evolving business needs. You can count on Intacct for:

• Unbeatable financial applications
• Unlimited flexibility
• Inifinite visibility
• Superior ROI
• Top choice for QuickBooks graduates
• Perfect for Salesforce.com users
• Robust security, performance, and availability

What is Sage Intacct?

Sage Intacct Brochure

For more information about Sage Intacct download the brochure.

Download the brochure

Why Choose Thinc?

As winner of partner of the year from Sage for Customer Service Excellence, we believe in working in partnership with you to deliver the perfect solution. As a fully accredited Sage Intacct partner we have the knowledge and expertise to advise on the right modules and functionality for your business needs. Contact us to arrange a free demo.

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