Boyum B1 – SAP Automation Tool

SAP Business One can be enhanced using additional SAP modules.

One proven, SAP certified module – and one of the best SAP automation tools – is from software development company, Boyum. Boyum continually develops and adds new functionality to their established additional SAP modules.

Modules from Boyum IT provide SAP Business One users with additional functionality to achieve even more automation and customisation. Amongst the best SAP automation tools available, Boyum modules automate digital processes, printing of documents documents and easy customisation of the SAP Business One user interface. These modules increase the speed and overall ownership of complex digital business processes. They also validate required data inputs that form part of any process.

At Thinc, we also implement additional SAP modules developed by Boyum, beyond their popular Boyum Print & Delivery and Usability Pack. These include an advanced warehouse management system and mobile device barcoding and scanning, using Produmex.

We will identify the possible need for Boyum SAP modules as part of our standard approach to defining business requirements. Read more about our SAP implementation and support here.

Boyum Usability Pack – B1 UP

Boyum Usability Pack, also known as B1 UP, is a well-known and accepted SAP module amongst SAP Business One users. Boyum Usability Pack provides fully integrated functionality that allows you to customise the SAP Business One user interface quickly and easily.

For more examples of the capabilities of with SAP Business One and the Boyum Usability Pack watch this short demo video:

Boyum Print and Delivery

Boyum Print and Delivery is another established module for SAP Business One. For businesses where hard copy documents are fundamental, Boyum Print and Delivery allows them to automatically create and print PDF documents simultaneously.

This SAP automation module is invaluable for efficiently performing tasks like creating hazardous substance labels, certificates of conformity or country-specific export documentation. These tasks are usually embedded as part of an integrated and automated dispatch process.

The Print and Delivery module also enables automated delivery of certain documents to existing email contacts through SAP Business One. For example, companies that need to deliver a weekly credit account statement to a finance contact.

When large numbers of customer accounts still require specific ways of working, Boyum Print and Delivery can automate and simplify these tasks. Thus, this SAP automation tool empowers your users to spend more time on delivering greater value to the business.

How to optimise your business with B1 print & deliver

Boyum B1 – SAP Automation Tool
Boyum B1 – SAP Automation Tool
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What are the key benefits of using the Boyum Usability Pack?

  • Help maintain system data quality

    Boyum Usability Pack allows users to create validation rules that ensure important data is correct. Using defined templates, users can enter data quickly and without errors, saving time.

  • Make more informed decisions

    Users can create Boyum B1 UP dashboards, combining customisable widgets to analyse up-to-date information and make accurate, data-driven decisions. Users can also create fully customisable reports based on both HANA and SQL versions of SAP Business One.

  • Optimise your work

    Users have the ability to add a validation system within the Boyum Usability Pack. By setting up triggers and conditions, the end user can define specific business rules with additional automation. This helps to eliminate manual tasks and run the system on a scheduled basis.

  • Enjoy even quicker User Adoption

    Boyum Usability Pack has additional screen design technology to make every window in SAP Business One specific to an individual’s needs. We can help to set up SAP modules with personalised system messages for seamless user adoption.

What are the key benefits of using Boyum Print and Delivery?

  • Help with customer retention

    Boyum Print and Delivery helps businesses to be more responsive to specific customer demands. Through automated, targeted and personalised communications, it can improve customer engagement and retention.

    Boyum Print and Delivery can also help businesses increase transparency and help to safeguard critical information. Provide customers and suppliers with regular account status updates and send PDF files protected by a digital signature or password.

  • Create Effective Communications

    Boyum Print and Delivery enables management of multiple layouts of the same document – because not all customers are the same. Scheduling functionality also helps with delivering the right information at the right time.

    Users can also enrich emails with keywords, grouping rules, additional attachments, multiple recipients, and multi-language support. Boyum SAP modules work with Microsoft Exchange, SMTP or directly through Microsoft Outlook.

  • Increase employee engagement

    Businesses are able to free up employees’ time, so they can focus on important activities by automating mundane repetitive tasks.

  • Leverage Greater Digital Integration

    Print and Delivery can share key documents with applications like Microsoft Teams or Slack, to streamline integration and communication.


Get in touch to discuss our integration of Boyum IT solutions and other SAP applications.

Speak to a member of the team today
Speak to us today

Interested in speaking to a member of our team about SAP Business One additional modules, simply complete the form below and we'll be in touch.


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