Produmex SAP Warehouse Management System

Produmex additional SAP modules are developed by the global, award-winning SAP Business One implementation consultancy and development house, Boyum IT Solutions.

Boyum has more than 8,000 customers worldwide and they create unparalleled SAP Business One warehouse management systems (or SAP WMS). 

Thinc are a registered partner with Boyum. We work with small and medium-sized businesses in the UK to help them gain logistics-based benefits with the use of Produmex SAP modules.

The Produmex solutions are certified add-on modules for SAP Business One. They include:

Produmex Scan

Produmex Scan is a mobile barcode scanning solution for warehouse workers to manage inventory transactions in real-time.

Produmex WMS (Warehouse Management System)

Produmex WMS is a warehouse management system for SAP that offers an extensive set of advanced logistics and warehouse management functions.

To help understand more about each of these modules please review the information below. 

Produmex Scan 

How Produmex Scan Warehouse Management System works diagram

Produmex scan is a robust and reliable barcode scanning solution for SAP Business One. Used via mobile devices, it seamlessly automates warehouse and inventory transactions. 

The solution works in real time using a wireless network, and supports multiple warehouse operators by processing high volumes of transactions. 

The functionality available from a handheld device operating Produmex Scan includes:

  •     SAP B1 documents, warehouse, bins, UoM groups and branches
  •     Procurement and goods receipt processes, plus sales order, warehouse pick lists, deliveries and return processes
  •     GS1 barcode compliant
  •     Batch and serial tracking
  •     Advanced customer specific label printing
  •     Manual and automatic replenishment via stock transfers and stock requests
  •     Stock counting – both cycle counts and full physical counts
  •     Issue stock to production and receipt from production

Here is a high level demo of Produmex Scan functionality with SAP Business One:

Produmex WMS 

Produmex WMS (Warehouse Management System) is the solution of choice for many SAP Business One users. It helps businesses streamline and automate the more complex warehouse management and supply chain operations. It is also an extremely scalable application, ideal for organisations with just a few or a large number of handheld devices.

The SAP warehouse management system is a fully-certified and integrated module that supports multiple warehouses and operators, processing high volumes of real time system transactions.

Because most companies are part of a global supply chain, they often require speed, agility, traceability, and compliance within their systems as a solid foundation for business growth.

Produmex WMS is used globally by small and medium-sized distribution companies that have a large number of individual stock items and a high volume stock movement. This SAP WMS is utilised by organisations in the following sectors: Food and Beverage, Medical & Beauty, Automotive, Furniture, Home & Gardening, DIY.

The functionality available from a handheld device operating Produmex WMS includes:

  •     Warehouse organisational structure within SAP B1 Bin Locations, Multi-level, Item master data extensions
  •     System Authorisations
  •     GS1 compliant SSCC, GTIN, batch, best before date, quantity, weight, serial number
  •     Catch weight management 
  •     Batch attributes 
  •     Advanced Shipping Notification
  •     Goods receipt based on PO, without PO, container, ASN, Bulk reception
  •     Quality management at reception 
  •     Cross docking 
  •     Put-away to default bin location or zone, free or directed via stock transfer
  •     Purchase returns 
  •     Inventory allocation on location, batch or logistic unit level 
  •     Picking – wave picking, zone picking, ad-hoc picking, multi picking FIFO, FEFO based picking, shelf life based
  •     Packing – Packstation creating logistical units / mobile packing mobile packing
  •     Sales returns 
  •     Quality status on inventory – quarantine, blocked, released
  •     Full traceability – Audit trail who, what, when with reasons
  •     Cycle counting – statistical counting, tasks, during operations, ad-hoc 
  •     Delivery Routes – (based on trucks) calculation of volume/weight per route, view on google maps 
  •     Automatic picklist creation with criteria based picklist creation
  •     Advanced put-away – put-away based on characteristics of item, bin location
  •     3PL invoicing – invoicing based on services instead of items
  •     Supports Integration with conveyor / crane equipment
Produmex SAP Warehouse Management System
Produmex SAP Warehouse Management System
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What are the key benefits of using Produmex Scan?

  • Increased Productivity

    Leveraging barcode scanning technology helps to streamline all warehouse transactions. Scanning is typically ten times faster than manual transactions.

  • Increased Customer Satisfaction

    Greater picking and shipping accuracy with fewer mistakes helps to increase customer satisfaction and retention levels.

  • Increased Accuracy

    Using barcode recognition with the warehouse business processes will help reduce the hidden logistics costs associated with incorrect item delivery, and increase accuracy.

  • Quick User Adoption

    Having user friendly familiar screens available from a wide range of familiar mobile devices ensures that users and new employees are quick to adopt.

  • Licences

    Produmex Scan SAP module is licensed per device, with a concurrent licence allocation approach. This provides cost-effective flexibility when working with different users on multiple warehouse shifts and the need for spare devices.

What are the key benefits of using Produmex WMS?

  • Reduced Inventory Costs

    Better control and accuracy via barcode scanning helps to optimise inventory levels and reduce overall stocking costs.

  • Easy Configuration

    Using existing SAP Business One screen customisation and customer specific labelling, Produmex WMS is designed to adapt quickly to individual needs.

  • Reduced Picking Time

    Produmex WMS offers the flexibility to improve the wave and zone picking continuously and to reduce time required for existing personnel.

  • Improves Inventory Accuracy Levels

    Gaining higher optimisation of inventory relies upon having 100% accuracy of real time inventory. Barcode scanning reduces errors and improves inventory accuracy.

  • Adaptable for Business Growth

    Produmex is built to withstand sudden expansion. You can incorporate additional items, or new warehouse locations, quickly and efficiently. Produmex WMS can also be integrated with additional functionality. We can configure your SAP WMS to work with 3PLs, weighing equipment, industry specific tracking and business partner trading with EDI.

  • Licenses

    Produmex WMS has flexibility to operate with both named user and concurrent device type licences to help with quick return on investment.

Produmex SAP Warehouse Management System

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