SAP Business One Integration Hub

The SAP Integration Hub has been developed by SAP themselves, and prior to the latest release was also known as the SAP Business One Intercompany module.

Intercompany trading and financial consolidation still play a big part of what can be delivered with the SAP Business One Integration Hub. The SAP Business One Integration Hub can be implemented as part of a complete new ERP solution or as an additional phase after the initial implementation.

At Thinc, our recommendations about the suitability of SAP Business One Integration Hub are always viewed on an individual basis, in line with specific business requirements.

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Why do SMEs use SAP Integration Hub?

Small and medium-sized businesses, within many sectors, are increasingly using established business software platforms and service providers across their company. This is often the most efficient approach and likely to reduce total cost of ownership when compared with the development of bespoke software.

The business software platforms used most often are e-Commerce storefronts, logistics portals and other cloud-based service providers.

If you are currently using, or intend to use, similar software for your business, then the SAP Business One integration platform will help to tie your whole company together.

The SAP Business One Integration Hub provides standard platform integrations that combine SAP best practice with established digital business processes to provide the best of both worlds.

What is included within the SAP Business One Integration Hub module?

The SAP Business One Integration Hub module is based on the existing SAP Business One integration framework. It is continuously under development by SAP in line with global demand . The SAP Business One Integration Hub currently includes preconfigured templates for:

Diagram of preconfigured templates available with SAP Integration Hub

For more details about SAP Intercompany capabilities watch this video:

Intercompany Solution for SAP Business One

For companies with multiple business units or subsidiaries, intercompany transactions can create complexity and cause unnecessary headaches.

Minimising this complexity is critical. Especially when you need to consolidate financials across all operations for reporting; provide visibility into the sales performance of each business entity; or streamline intercompany procurement transactions.

The functionality within the SAP Business One Intercompany module, which comes as part of the Integration Hub, provides users with extensive digital automation across multiple company databases. Automation across multiple sites removes repetitive manual tasks from day-to-day operations and empowers your system users to work on more value add activity.

Often within a trading group there is intercompany trading for both physical stock items and service items, and a need to implement financial consolidation rules at different levels within the group. The SAP Business One Intercompany module also provides master data replication and greater visibility across the entire group with standard reporting.

Some of the functionality available with the SAP Business One Intercompany integration solution includes:

Multi-level financial consolidation

  •     Standardised and transparent financial processes across business entities
  •     Exchange of intercompany trade documents – POs, receipts, invoices, and credit notes
  •     General ledger allocations of income and expenses
  •     Accounts payable service invoice allocations
  •     Centralised payments
  •     Replicate SAP B1 data, such as:

    o  Item name and key item attributes
    o  Vendor name and key supplier attributes
    o  Bill of materials
    o  Price list
    o  User-defined fields
  •     Access to standard reports, such as:

    o  Intercompany warehouse inventory report
    o  Branch balances report
    o  Consolidated sales analysis report
    o  Unposted transactions report
  •     Consolidated credit-limit check
  •     Additional Intercompany workflow
  •     Business transaction notifications
  •     Multicurrency and multi-instance support
SAP Business One Integration Hub
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What are the key benefits of using the SAP Business One Integration Hub?

  • Greater Integration

    SAP Business One Integration Hub provides a hybrid approach to business software applications. It harmonises a central ERP system with best-in-breed applications.

  • Streamline Operations

    The SAP integration platform enables companies to automate and optimise end-to-end business processes.

  • Easy to use

    One of the most popular aspects of platform and data integration for SAP systems is the seamless user experience, created through embedded User Interface elements.

  • User Empowerment

    Through automation and the removal of repetitive tasks, users become more engaged with their roles. They will find more time for creativity, innovation and can add greater value to the business thanks to the SAP B1 Integration Hub.

  • Future-proofed

    The Integration Hub is developed by SAP themselves and aligned with the SAP Business One development roadmap. So it is a solid and reliable framework for SAP Business One users.

  • Aids Customer Retention

    If rising demands from existing customers for complementary services require integration of business platforms, these needs can be met seamlessly.

  • Fast implementation

    Scenarios with external platforms and services can be set-up quickly, with no technical or programming knowledge required. This also provides the opportunity for a greater ROI.

  • Flexible deployment

    On premise or cloud deployment gives full flexibility to customers.

    For more information about on premise v cloud deployment click here.


SAP Integration Hub Licences

The SAP Business One Integration Hub is licenced through alignment with the required SAP Business One named users and is an optional module.

For more detail on SAP Business One licences please visit the licence section within the introduction to SAP Business One
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