SAP Business One Mobile Apps

SAP Mobile Apps are a suite of standard mobile business apps developed by SAP for a global marketplace.

Available in 28 languages, the mobile apps are compatible with all the standard SAP Business One localisations. The SAP Business One apps can be used on a range of mobile devices including iPhone, iPad, and Android devices.

Using SAP Business One mobile apps for iOS or Android means that users gain immediate access to the most relevant information. SAP Business One mobile integration enables you to run your business from any location, at any time.

Users can access the SAP Business One application to stay informed about the business, view reports and KPIs, manage contacts, process sales orders, update service calls and conduct any number of other operational activities.

There are two different role-based SAP Business One mobile apps that can be licensed individually, as part of a user matrix: Sales and Service. Mobile integration with SAP provides very cost effective access to Business One data for remote users and those working exclusively on a mobile device.

The two role-based SAP Business One mobile apps are:

SAP Business One Sales App for iOS and Android devices

SAP Business One mobile sales app lets you handle your sales activities anywhere, anytime, via a mobile device.

Sales employees can have controlled access to the most relevant business information and sales-related business processes, to help them manage customers and sales opportunities.

The SAP Business One sales app makes use of the capabilities within the latest mobile devices, like facial and touch recognition for secure access. Whether you’re using the SAP Business One mobile app for Android or iOS, you can benefit from embedded use of common location apps, like Google Maps.

By utilising the standard SAP mobile integration, users can also ensure that security of data is maintained through firewalled secure access.

In preparation for sales meetings, real-time SAP Business One data can be accessed away from any office location, with the ability to view key data in an offline mode.

Please view this video presentation on the SAP Business One sales app to see more of the functionality available.

The SAP Roadmap includes commitment to continuous development for SAP Business One mobile integration. SAP plans to improve seamless, time-saving interaction with SAP Business One from a mobile device.

SAP Business One Service App for iOS and Android devices

The SAP Business One service app has been developed for the needs of a business that provide on-site services to their customers, using a team of remote service engineers.

The main functionality includes the ability to view, edit and resolve existing SAP Business One CRM service tickets, and synchronise with the SAP Business One user calendar.

The SAP Business One service app empowers service engineers to work more efficiently and maximise time spent on valuable customer-orientated tasks. Users are also provided with accurate data for service KPIs and good customer service levels.

The SAP Business One mobile service app also allows users to establish a service contract, view service history, take photos, and integrate with printers whilst on site with a customer. These features can be invaluable in helping to reduce possible equipment downtime, thus saving businesses valuable time and money. Read about the investment that existing customers have made in this service app (link to new Nerak Press Release)

SAP service app users can also work on service tickets offline, as it’s not always possible to maintain mobile signal.

To understand more about what functionality is available see presentation video below:

SAP Business One Sales Catalogue App  

This SAP Business One Sales Catalogue App  provides the same level of company data access and functionality as their existing PC-based licence. A professional or limited SAP B1 licence will required to use this sales catalogue app.

Some of the functionality available with this standard app includes:

  •     Automated alerts and approvals
  •     Access and update your activities
  •     Access to create, edit and view sales opportunities, sales quotations and orders
  •     Access to service contracts and process service phone calls
  •     Interactive dashboards and access to reports
  •     Business partner information management
  •     Inventory and product data monitoring, to drive sales

The SAP Business One  app also includes a version for iPad which contains the ability to develop a digital sales catalogue, using existing SAP Business One item data and selected images.

This helps drive new sales and provides immediate access to item specification data. This functionality is often used within trade shows and retail environments to showcase products.

SAP Business One Mobile Apps
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