SAP HANA Analytics

Increasingly SMEs are relying on the use of analytics style reporting to help manage the large amounts of data that they have collected and saved during their day to day trading.

The concept of ‘Big Data’ does not only apply to larger businesses. Growing SMEs are also seeing the benefits of being able to analyse their financial, sales, purchasing and production data using real time analytics.

Within SAP Business One HANA users can utilise the integrated analytics functionality as part of the same business application using all the SAP Business One data. Making this type of analytical reporting that supports fully informed management decisions affordable for SME businesses across a wide range of industries. 

Digital KPI Dashboards


SAP Business One has a dashboard designer functionality to ensure that you have instant access to the business KPIs that you have identified as critical for your business growth. Insights into sales quotations, finance, purchasing, inventory, customer and supplier behaviour and more.



Use of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) within digital dashboards, with accurate real time data provides empowered users with more time to investigate reasons and find solutions to poor performance, as opposed spending time writing and updating static reports.

Customer 360 degree view

This dashboard provides a 360° customer view of customer data to help ensure that customer experience and performance data are kept at the forefront of the business and available immediately to authorised system users.


Interactive Analysis

Standard business process flow templates are available for customisation and then used within user defined groups to share standard best practice.

The speed of access to the large volumes of SAP Business One data with HANA in memory database will revolutionise your business performance analysis approach and help drive improvements and growth within the business.

For more details and a demonstration of the affordable Analytical reporting available for SMEs, please complete the form below to speak to a member of our team. 

SAP HANA Analytics
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