What is SAP Business One?

There’s a misconception that only the largest enterprises can run SAP software.

But SAP Business One is perfectly built for small and medium sized businesses.

Trusted globally, it is a scalable, affordable solution that unites all of your key business areas, from accounting to CRM, to analytics and inventory management, SAP Business One connects the dots right across your business.

SAP Business One simplifies your business, giving you one powerful system that offers complete visibility across your entire operation. You’ll get access to the data that will drive your growth, and the functionality to improve employee engagement, drive customer satisfaction and improve efficiency right across your business.


SAP Business One 10.0

The latest release, SAP Business One 10.0, is available with both a Microsoft SQL and SAP HANA database, and builds on the comprehensive SAP Business One ERP functionality to provide even greater ease of use and operation in the cloud.

This new version of SAP Business One offers enhanced features and more ways to extend and integrate. Supported by cutting-edge technology such as SAP HANA 2.0, machine learning and new analytical reporting capabilities, SAP Business One 10.0 brings unprecedented value to our customers.

The user experience is boosted by a new and improved web client, and major improvements in the SAP integration framework 2.0. The additional predefined integration scenarios provide an ERP platform built for even greater business integration.

Read more about the specific functionality and enhancements available with version 10 here.

Amplifying people’s performance

Perhaps the greatest benefit of SAP Business One is felt by your employees. At Thinc, we believe firmly that by unleashing people’s potential, by untapping their ability to create, innovate, collaborate and connect with customers, your business will create significant, sustainable competitive advantage.

We pride ourselves on the depth to which we educate and train teams through our SAP end user training. This has the potential to create a ripple of change at your business, by freeing up time previously spent on routine tasks and also empowering individuals and teams to take advantage of the accurate, real-time data available through SAP Business One.

By making better-and-better decisions it is your people that can advance your business in ways previously unimagined.

What is SAP Business One?
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Advantages of SAP Business One

  • Real-time information

    Make informed decisions with real-time information—get the data that you need, when you need it, turning data into business intelligence that helps you make key business decisions faster.

  • Flexible reporting

    Choose from a range of outputs when it comes to analysis of your data, so you can tailor your reports for a range of user requirements.

  • Low risk investment

    With a mature and expansive global customer base of 60,000+, customers benefit from a proven, future proofed and low risk ERP investment.

  • Scalable software

    SAP Business One software is designed specifically for growing SMEs. The software acts as your digital core, and it will support your business’s growth for years to come.

  • Affordable business management software

    Specifically developed for small and midsize businesses, and it’s a market leader in Enterprise application software. It provides an integrated platform for growth and enables productive sharing of data across all areas of your business.

  • Single solution to manage your business functions

    SAP ERP software brings all of your business functions into a single, unified platform and enable cross-departmental collaboration. This is key to improving efficiency and helping your business to grow.

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