Why Choose Thinc as your SAP Business One Partner?

As an established SAP partner in the UK, Thinc proudly received the partner of the year award for our on-going commitment to customer service excellence.

During the selection process for the award, SAP spoke to some of our valued customers. SAP asked our clients to share their experience of working with Thinc to deploy SAP Business One.

SAP reported that our clients felt confident in and satisfied with the support and guidance they received from the Thinc Team.


Head of Partner Intimacy for SAP, Sarah O’Leary, said: 

“Thinc’s consultants have a very positive approach to customer relations. They really place the needs of their customers at the forefront of service delivery, making sure each one gets the most out of their solution and can take full advantage of all the suitable features for their industry.

“Consultants at Thinc have shared their expertise to guide customers and enable them to achieve outstanding progress following SAP Business One implementations.

“With the Indirect Customer Loyalty Survey (ICLS) we have an opportunity to understand our customers experiences and obtain a complete insight into sentiment regarding the SAP brand, SAP products, our partner ecosystem and feedback from live customers. This puts us in the best position to understand how well we are meeting the needs and expectations of businesses.

“I am pleased that Thinc have set a very high standard of customer service and wish them ongoing success.”


Matt Sinclair, Head of SAP, said: 

“Thinc are an established SAP Business One partner in the UKI Channel and provide excellent customer service to their customers. They have an experienced team that really understands a customer’s requirements and as a result, delivers great projects that not only meets, but exceeds the customers’ expectations.”

If you’re looking for a SAP company to support your SAP Business One implementation or to provide ongoing support, speak to our expert SAP Business One advisory team who are experienced in helping small and medium sized businesses with the right ERP system. 


Choosing the right SAP company

Choosing the right partner can be a difficult decision. The particulars of the solution that the partner can deliver is often down to the partner’s expertise and experience. At Thinc we will go through an initial scoping exercise to uncover exactly why and how a SAP business one ERP software solution will help your business. 

As your SAP partner we want to build and deliver a solution which allows you to explore the new digital world. Taking full advantage of the SAP cloud platform which connects technology based on the Internet of Things, the cloud and mobile apps. 

Read our checklist for choosing a SAP provider, and you’ll discover why Thinc is right for your business.

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