SAP Business One – The deployment options that deliver flexibility for your growing business

Traditionally, SAP Business One was a fat client application limited to “on-premise” deployments. However, with enhancements to the solution itself and networking technology, this is no longer a restrictive factor. SAP Business One can deliver both models, with various pros and cons, (to understand the basics of fat and thin client models, read our summary, “Fat Vs Thin Client Models”).

Depending on your business needs, SAP Business One can be utilised in a variety of ways. It’s not limited to a single approach. For example, you can have a mixture of users that work both remotely and within an office. Having the flexability within deployment methods will be important.

There are still cases where a dedicated-on premise solution works well. This method of deployment is best suited to businesses that are solely office-based, with no requirement for remote working and a dedicated server room with existing network infrastructure.

In this article, we will explore the options available and provide a beginner’s guide to the methods and terminology needed to make informed decisions for your organisation.

Dedicated Cloud Hosting

As mentioned, SAP Business One is traditionally a fat client application. Although, theoretically, it’s possible to run the client over the internet, we wouldn’t recommend this. At Thinc, we utilise technology to deliver effective solutions.Allowing the user to experience the full fat client experience, presented with the bandwidth requirements of a thin client application. This allows full use of SAP Business One over a stable internet connection.

A dedicated hosting solution means that your business owns the platform and its resources are not shared. We recommend dedicated hosting solutions to customers who are:

  • Required to communicate outside of the network or with third parties
  • Have complex technical needs
  • Are spread across multiple locations, with remote workers
  • Need a solution capable of communicating with third-party software, such as an eCommerce platform or EDI.

Multitenant Cloud Hosting

Like the dedicated cloud hosting, SAP Business One is also available in the format of a cloud-based solution on a multitenant architecture. This method of delivery differs from the dedicated solution in that the architecture used is shared between multiple users and businesses.

There are no added security implications to this approach as each user’s access is “ring-fenced” to limit the data available to them. This method can be highly cost-effective in comparison to a dedicated solution. However, it’s limited to low user counts with no external communication.

A multitenant cloud offering is best aligned to smaller businesses with simple requirements, looking for a quick platform to get started on.

Remote Desktop or Browser-Based Access

At Thinc, we recommend the use of either remote desktop protocol (RDP) or browser-based access.

Both methods offer extremely flexible solutions, allowing access on most modern devices and removing the need for a windows operating system. Using these methods enables SAP Business One to be compatible with almost any machine, such as an Apple Mac or Android tablet.

RDP is a method that permits users to connect to another computer remotely. This method of communication facilitates the full use of the SAP Business One’s fat client application, but presents it graphically in a way that reduces bandwidth requirements.

Utilising SAP Business One

There are many ways in which we can deploy SAP Business One. Which will work best for your business comes down to your specific requirements.

If you need help utilising SAP Business One, get in touch using the form below to speak to a SAP team member.

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