SAP Business One version 10 update

SAP have recently released more information about the additional functionality and enhancements that are coming with the next major release of SAP Business One (version 10.0).

This update coincides with making this version available to the SAP Business One ‘early adopters’. The exact date of the full general release is not clear at this stage; however, we would suggest confirmation of an early 2020 release date should happen soon.

Discussions about the specific business benefits of version10.0 for each of our existing users will be happening with the Thinc SAP team, once full evaluation has been undertaken.

Even with the new SAP Business One release we cannot get away from the B—– debate, as you would maybe expect, SAP have already planned and made a new localisation (New UK) which will be part of release 10.0.

Some of the new functionality includes:

Amazing and fresh brand new web client available with SAP Hana version, which provides additional user interface flexibility, initially targeted at the users in the distribution sector for sales order creation, processing and updates. This also comes with a new look skin and enhanced viewing of analytical charts.

Additional document printing options for a wide range of SAP Business One documents to make the whole process of document printing / conversion to PDF even more user friendly and help reduce any levels of upkeep for document changes. Also, tighter integration to office365 templates will be available and export of standard reports to one drive.

Plus, the main financial reports have been enhanced with the SAP Business One standard drillable links to the ledger details. The Project Management Gantt charts have also been updated to be more interactive, allowing projects to be easily extended and moved from within the chart.

Closer to the full release we will be providing more details about all the specific functionality. It has also been announced that the new version 10.0 will be 64 bit support only.

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