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The UK’s fastest growing companies partner with Thinc for their IT managed services and transformation projects.

Thinc clients and Bulldog Skincare are examples of rapid-growth start-ups that have gone on to lead their respective sectors.

We’re proud to have been chosen as the IT partner for 39 of the companies listed on the official ‘Scale-Up’ index, an annual list of the UK’s fastest growing companies.

What are scale-ups?

Scale-ups are companies that demonstrate exceptionally fast-growth potential.

Many scale-ups experience such rapid growth and / or change that their existing processes, systems and working methods are no longer fit for purpose.

This is where we come in. We have decades of experience in helping businesses transition from start-up to enterprise level. Helping clients scale safely at speed is core to everything we do.

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If you’re interested in learning how to scale your business at speed, sign up to our scale-up content series here.

You’ll gain priority access to invaluable articles and content for businesses just like yours. You can also benefit from detailed one-to-one expert advice from our business growth specialists. Thinc’s scale-up series will not only help you scale-up, but will also help you plan for and successfully navigate the many risks associated with rapid growth.

Why scale-up with Thinc?

  • We’ve been there and done it. We were helping companies successfully ‘scale-up’ long before it was a recognised term. and Bulldog Skincare are just two of the many examples of companies who have successfully made this transition.
  • It’s what we do! Helping companies grow at speed and scale whilst staying robust and resilient is something we’ve done for decades. Our entire business is built towards this aim. The benefit for scale-ups is invaluable, as the real-life, actionable knowledge and methods act as a proven guide for navigating this delicate stage in your growth.
  • We’re independent and impartial. When we recommend a solution, an ERP for example, it is solely because it has been identified as the best possible fit for your business today and tomorrow.
  • We’re no. 1 for service excellence. When you’re scaling you need a company that is committed to supporting with every single step you take. We’ve won awards from global companies such as Sage for our hands-on, long-term approach to customer care.

Want to know more?

If you’re experiencing rapid growth or change, you’ll benefit from speaking with our experienced team. Our commitment to service excellence means there’s never a ‘hard sell’, our aim is to build partnerships based on integrity and transparency. We’ll listen carefully to your needs and make informed, impartial recommendations on the steps you should take to make the most of your opportunity.

To see how we’ve helped a number of UK businesses to scale-up, view our latest case studies here.

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Sign Up to Scale-Up

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