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With the right support growing your SME should feel effortless.

We hope that you’re delighted with your current technology partner.

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We’ve built our reputation as one of the UK’s leading IT partners for SMEs through over 30 years’ commitment to customer excellence.

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With technical excellence across a range of leading software solutions and a deep knowledge across key platforms, we are completely impartial. The only recommendations we will ever make are those that are right for you and your business.

The strength of our commitment to our customers has not gone unnoticed by our peers. We were recently recognised by Sage for our dedication to delivering exceptional service and awarded Partner of the Year for Service Excellence.

"Thinc has a very strong approach to customer relations, where they really place the needs of their customers at the forefront of service delivery."

Sabby Gill, Sage Executive Vice President and Managing Director UK&I Get in touch

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