Cyber Security Services

Cyber Security Services

We have partnered with carefully selected internet security software providers to deliver a comprehensive cyber security services for your business.

We’ll test and assess your IT infrastructure and business practices. This will help us identify any risks, before working with you to build a robust defence system.

  • Advisory and Certification

    When it comes to cyber security your people are your first line of defence in protecting your business against attack. With our advisory and certification services, we can help you make sure that your teams have the knowledge they need to identify and alert you to issues such as phishing attacks.

  • Business Resilience

    In the event of a cyber-attack, or even an unexpected disaster such as a fire or flood, it’s vital that your systems have been backed up and that critical functions are running again quickly. Business resilience is more than just having the right software and hardware. It involves setting policies and procedures that can ensure your back-up is ready to kick in quickly and seamlessly, to avoid disruption. This is done by setting a recovery point objective (RPO) and recovery time objective (RTO) before disaster strikes.

  • Endpoint Protection

    Centralised management of all your endpoint devices—such as servers, laptops, and mobiles—allows for security management to be simplified and optimised. Having a unified management console means that your chosen security policies can be rolled out, with minimal disruption, to every endpoint in your business. Take control of the security of your assets and be secure in the knowledge that, if the worst was to happen, you can action an automatic rollback to undo most malicious attacks.

  • Dark Web Monitoring Services

    Dark web monitoring services are designed to protect your business against cyber criminals who use the dark web to obtain login credentials and gain unlawful access to company data and systems—and your company’s network credentials might be available on there. Through deep and dark web monitoring, we can help detect if your company is at risk. The proactive monitoring of stolen and leaked data allows you to respond to a threat immediately, preventing major loss or crime.

  • Two Factor Authentication

    Security is crucial in every business. Two-factor authentication lets your business introduce another layer of security to your login procedures, beyond the simple username and password—making it more secure. By setting your system up to request additional evidence at the point of user login, you can verify the user’s identity for a higher level of assurance.

  • Managed Encryption

    All businesses should take precautions to avoid data protection being compromised. Sensitive information about your customers and employees represents a significant risk. In the hands of the wrong people that data could be used in any manner of ways to negatively impact your company’s reputation and finances. Our hassle-free, fully managed encryption solution will meet your compliance needs and give you peace of mind.

  • Email and Anti Spam

    Email is a way of life for all businesses today. Unfortunately, spam email is a growing problem, too. They often contain harmful viruses that could threaten your data, or even damage your entire business. Our anti-spam solutions can help block harmful email from entering your system, reducing the threat of a cyber attack.

  • Managed Firewall

    Protecting against a cyber attack is essential, but it can be difficult to do while juggling the responsibilities of running a business. Our managed firewall solutions offer real-time next generation firewall technology, ensuring ultimate protection.

Why choose Thinc for internet security?

At Thinc we appreciate that internet security for any SME is paramount, and that any investment must be a calculated business decision with a return on investment clearly in sight.

As an experienced cyber security consultant, our approach to the selection of online security products and implementation, we will always make sure that the systems you select are absolutely right for your business and people’s needs.

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