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Enterprise Applications

Enterprise applications are a critical part of your company’s infrastructure. We make sure you have all the essential tools, training, and support to bring together your business management software systems and processes.

Whether it’s financials, stock control, business intelligence, or CRM – it can all be viewed and managed in real-time via our single unified business management platform. Our experience means that we have well-developed partnerships with the premier business management software suites (such as Sage 200 or SAP Business One) available to small and medium enterprises.

  • Analytics and Business Intelligence

    Visualise your business performance with automatic reporting. By having a single system to control both your financial and operation aspects of your business you are able to join the dots and analyse the complete picture. Structuring and transforming data into business intelligence will help you to make crucial business decisions and stay ahead of your competition. Using advanced tools to track KPIs and trends in real time will give you the insights you need to understand and manage performance, cost efficiency, resource allocation, production, stock requirements and more.

  • Customer Relationship Management

    Using technology to manage all your interactions with your customers and potential customers. A CRM system will help your company build better customer relationships, streamline and automate communications and allow you to analyse your customers’ purchasing trends and behaviours.

  • Warehouse and Distribution

    Increase capacity and accuracy of your operations with real time traceability of your goods. Our advanced capabilities mean you can seamlessly link processes relating to stock receipt, management and distribution; streamline every aspect of your wholesale and distribution process. stock and inventory management is key to speeding up every day picking and packing and ensuring stock accuracy.

  • Manufacturing Resource Planning

    Effective planning and organisation of resources is a key element in a company’s operations. With effective MRP you can guarantee the materials you require are always available on time so you can fulfil orders and continue to provide excellent service to your customers.

  • Enterprise Resource Planning

    Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) is your company’s digital core. Bring together all of your business processes, such as financials, stock control, business intelligence and CRM, so that it can all be viewed and managed in real-time via a single, unified platform.  With an ERP system you can improve your business processes through automation, enhance efficiency and encourage collaboration within your organisation.

  • Accounting and Finance

    Financial accounting processes are the backbone of all core business operations. To understand your businesses future direction, evaluate opportunities and make forecasts around potential scenarios, it is important to have full visibility of your company’s financial performance.

Why choose Thinc for your enterprise planning platform?

At Thinc we appreciate that any investment for an SME must be a calculated business decision with a return on investment clearly in sight.

Through our consultative approach to product selection and implementation, we will always make sure that the business management system you select is absolutely right for your business and people’s needs.

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