Have you outgrown your accounting software?

1. What system are you currently using for managing your finances?

2. Have you started to notice performance issues with your system, i.e. running slow, crashes when running a report?

3. Do you struggle to find historical transactions?

4. Does your current system slow down when more than one user is using the system?

5. Do you find that the current system lacks key features for managing stock?

6. Do you keep coming across mis-entered data when checking transactions?

7. Do you rely on spreadsheets for managing information?

8. Do you wish you could access your systems from anywhere, on any device?

9. Do you find there is re-keying of a lot of data across different systems?

Have you outgrown your accounting software?
Your answers suggest that your current system is no longer capable of supporting your business and is having a detrimental impact on productivity. Request Callback

Head of Sage, Gary McKnight

You are probably seeing a lot of issues with your current system, whether that be slow performance, lack of functionality, or disjointed systems. Now is the time for you to look at bringing your systems together into a unified platform that can support your growth. Request Callback
Your answers suggest that your current system is just about working for you, but has limited capacity for expansion. Request Callback

Whilst your current system is working at capacity there is a risk that further growth in the business will cause you to run into issues. Now would be a good time to discuss what options are available to you before your system starts to impact you and your business. Request Callback
Thank you for taking the quiz. Your answers suggest that your system is working for you as it should. Request Callback

At present your accounts system seems to be doing everything you need. If you have growth aspirations it is still worth considering a platform that will scale with your business as and when you need it. Request Callback

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